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No, the video chat is not recorded on Gmail. Saving the videos is not an including feature. You can use third party software for that.

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Q: Is video chat will be recorded in our Gmail?
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How do you video chat on a PC and on Gmail?

You can easily video chat on a PC on Gmail. The video chat option is available on opening the chat of person. The video sign is the one which can make the video chat start.

Can you delete Gmail video chat?

video call remove gmail

How can you do legal video chat in Oman?

Video chat on Gmail is legal. You can do it via Gmail chat or Gtalk. Hangouts is the latest name of the chatting system.

Does voice chat or video chat cost in Gmail?

Voice chat costs in Gmail your credits. You can add credits worth money to your account. Video chat can be free of cost.

How do you invite someone to video chat with on Gmail?

To video chat with someone on gmail you have to make sure that they have video chat. To do this you need to look @ their icon. If it's a video camera option they can video chat with you. If you click chat and then underneath of where you type click on video and more and click on the arrow that is facing up and click start video chat.(to get video chat installed sign into gmail and click on settings and click on chat. Scroll down to Voice and Video Chat. Click learn more and it will take you through the process of installing it. It's free).

Is Gmail video chat is safe?

i think google can see it

Is face time the same as video chat for Gmail?


How do you remove video chat from Gmail account?

You cannot remove video chat just sstrictly tell that person they cant do it!

How connect video chating in Gmail?

Video chatting can be directly connected in Gmail. You have to open the chat of the person. After opening, you can click on the video sign to get started.

Are there affects on Gmail video or voice chat?

Gmail video and voice chat are of Good quality. You can try them if you have a good internet connection. Bad connection will lead to it's breakage of network.

Is video chat on Gmail safe?

Yes, The Chat is sent securely over the Internet using HTTPS

What features does Gmail IM have?

The Gmail IM program has many different features. Popular features include text chat, video chat, and audio chat. As with other Google projects, Gmail IM is always being improved.

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