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No. Virgin Mobile is part of Sprint, although I have heard that Virgin mobile necessarily has the exact same coverage as a Sprint customer would have.

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Q: Is virgin mobile part of Verizon?
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Can you use a Verizon phone with virgin mobile?


Where can you get a purple lg neon?

You can get this phone at Verizon, nextel, virgin mobile.......

How many people in Georgia have virgin mobile phones?

Infact most people have verizon so there are only 2 people in the whole united states that have virgin mobile

What phone companies have the iphone?

Virgin mobile Verizon AT&T and Sprint have the I Phone available for people

Does Virgin Mobile work in the state of Alaska?

No, Virgin Mobile does not work in the state of Alaska. Maybe sometime soon they will put service out there. I know Verizon works there and it works good.

Can you use an iphone with virgin mobile?

No it is only available on At and T and Verizon. Unless of course you illegally hack.

Can you unlock your lg rumor touch from virgin mobile and use it on Verizon?

Nope. Two different networks.

Are Virgin Mobile phone plans better than Verizon phone plans?

No they are not. Verizon phone plans are better. They may be a bit more expensive, but they have better coverage. The coverage of Virgin is a bit sketchy and patchy. If you want reliability, go with Verizon.

If I take the Verizon SIM card out of my iPhone 4s can I put in a virgin mobile SIM card?

If you want to change your carrier from Verizon to Virgin Mobile, you would have to call the company first and see if the phone is compatible with their service. The only way you would be able to do this is if the iPhone is unlocked.

Can unlocked phones work with virgin mobile?

No it will not but you can try Metro PCS for carriers like Verizon, Att, and sprint.

Can you get service from virgin mobile when using an Verizon phone?

no u cant because the phone is made for verision only

What mobile service has the best ratings?

Some of the best ratings mobile services are Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Cricket, United States Cellular, MetroPCS, Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, TracFone.

What are some cellular telephone companies?

Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, Vodafone, O2, Orange, Meteor and Virgin Mobile.

Is Cricket or Virgin Mobile better?

Virgin Mobile !

Can a Verizon phone be used with boost mobile?

can i connect my verizon phone to boost mobile

What companies offer cell phone service without a contracted plan?

Straight Talk, Trac Phone Wireless, Boost Mobile, Verizon has a prepaid service, Virgin Mobile.

Which company overs the best mobile coverage in New York, NY?

The best phone company available to people in New York is either AT&T, Verizon, or Virgin Mobile.

Which is better cricket wireless or virgin mobile?

Virgin mobile

Is reach out wireless service compatible with virgin mobile?

No, You can only use a used Verizon wireless phone that has previously had Verizon service and Reachout wireless will send you a phone when you sign up for their service.

What are the best mobile operators in the USA that offer 3G coverage?

The best mobile operators in the USA that offer 3G coverage are Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and Straight Talk from Wal Mart.

What is better Verizon or t -mobile?

Verizon is way better than T-Mobile and At&T.

Im getting your first cell phone should you go qith virgin mobile prepaid?

Verizon is the BEST! but im in Canada -babyphatzt

How does one receive a wireless service from Virgin Mobile?

To receive wireless service from Virgin Mobile visit a local Virgin Mobile store. One could also visit the Virgin Mobile website or call the Virgin Mobile company.

Is Mobile IM for Verizon free?

yes it is i have a Verizon too

What cell phones are compatible with cricket wireless?

Verizon Sprint Quest Virgin Mobile Verizon phones are easier to unlock so its easier to get everything to work. (i.e internet, pic messages, text)