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What is bad for your eyes, if you sit too close to the television set. Another problem that effects your eyes in the long run, if you watch television in the dark. In addition the computer is bad for your eyes if you are on it too often and it's a must to have a desk lamp over your computer. The television is very bad for your eyes if you sit in front of it for over 2 hours.

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Q: Is watching television bad for your eyes?
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Is too much TV bad for your eyes?

Yes, TV can be bad for your eyes and for your brain but that depends on what you are watching.

Is watching tv bad for eyes?

Yes watching tv Is bad for your eyes as it could make you lose vision. If you only watch a little bit of television, that's ok.

Can you get square eyes by watching tv?

That is just a lie parents tell you. You won't get "square" eyes but your eyes will go bad.

Is watching tv with the light on bad for your eyes?

Yes, it is, as it is bad to watch TV in general. However, regarding that fact, no it is not. In fact, it's better than watching TV with the lights off.

Is tv bad for your brain?

The radiation in the television screen enters your eyes, gets to your brain, and destroying brain waves. have you ever felt your eyes get teary when you start watching TV? That's the radiation from the television entering your eyes. In conclusion, television is bad for your brain.

Why do eyes get blurry after watching tv?

Straining your eyes

Is watching television too close bad for your eyes?

there is little megapixels in the tv and laptop and they release radio activity and when your eyes is exposed to it for too long it can damage your eye

Are 3D TVs bad for the eyes?

I haven't heard of any medical advice against watching 3D TV. Of course watching TV --2D or 3D--for too long or too closely is generally bad for the eyes. I don't think 3D TV in particular does any harm to your eyes. But some people do complain about their eyes getting tired because of the flickers and crosstalks, which are common on active 3D TVs.

Is watching a bigger tv more affective to your eyes?

It cannot hurt your eyes anymore than a smaller one. Watching tv doesn't hurt your eyes

Does watching television make your eyes worse?

no.. it doesn't

What are the ratings and certificates for Their Eyes Were Watching God - 2005 TV?

Their Eyes Were Watching God - 2005 TV is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M Netherlands:12

Bad for eyes when watching tv a lot?

Yes, particularly if you sit in a darkened room without any soft lighting to minimize contrast.

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