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No. Water is a molecular compound. It is a polar molecule, in which the oxygen end of the molecule has a partial negative charge and the hydrogen end of the molecule has a partial positive charge. Despite the partial charges, water is not an ion.

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Which ion is absorbed by a base in water?

The ion that is absorbed by a base in water is the hydronium ion. It is considered a type of acidic ion.

Is water is a type of ion?

Water is a chemical compound - H2O.

What does one hydrogen ion and one hydroxide ion combine to make?

This combination produces water.Water molecules are consist of a hydrogen ion and a hydroxide ion. One hydrogen ion and one hydroxide ion combines to make a water mlecule.

What ion forms when water dissociates?

When water dissociates,it forms OH- ion (called as hydroxide ion) and H3O+ ion (called as hydronium ion).

Formed when a water molecule and a hydrogen ion combine?

The hydronium ion which is written chemically as H3O+ will be formed when the water and the hydrogen ion combine. The ability of water to attract the hydrogen ion is what will lead to the formation of the hydronium ion.

What type of ion does helium form?

Helium doesn't form any type of ion.

What ions form when water dissociates?

Water disassociates to form the OH- ion or the hydroxide ion, and the H3O+ ion, otherwise known as the hydronium ion.

What is the difference between a non hydrated ion and a hydrated ion?

A hydrated ion, is an ion that is surrounded by water molecules. The water molecules are attracted to the opposite pole of the ion. Such as negative to positive.

What is Ammonium ion and Hydronium ion?

The Ammonium ion (NH4+) is the ion formed when ammonia (NH3) acquires an H+ ion from an acid. The hydronium ion (H3O+) when water acquires an H+ ion from an acid. It is not stable outside of an aqueous (water) environment.

Does CoCl2 form one type of ion or more than one type of ion?

CoCl2 forms two types of ion: Co2+ and Cl-

What is a hydroxium ion?

H3O+ ion produced when an acid donates a H+ ion in water.

What is left when water loses a hydrogen ion?

A hydroxide ion (OH-)hydroxide ion

Why is the hydration of an ion always negative?

The hydration of an ion is always negative. This is because ion and water attractions are only formed when the ion is surrounded by water, deeming it negatively charged.

How does a hydronium ion form?

when a water molecule gains an hydrogen ion from another water molecule

What happens to the hydroxide ion concentration in water when a base is added?

A base added to water will increase the hydroxide ion concentration.

What type of ion does a base contain?

1} A base if vdissolved in water will show the presence of OH- ion 2}a base if it is an oxide of a metal will show the presence of an O-- ion in fused state 3} if we are studying bases like the soda amide which is used in organic reactions then the ion it will form when dissolved in water will be again OH- ion NaNH2 +H2O------->NaOH+NH3, NaOH------>Na+ + OH- 4} NH3 is also a base but it has an e- pair on N which it donates to H+ when dissolved in water and forms NH4+ ion the H+ ion will be present in weakly dissociated water as water generally contains some salts in the natural state and that accounts for the slight dissociation of water

What ion is the most chemically reactive ion known?

The ion that is the most chemically reactive ion is known as a hungry wolf in the period table. Hydrogen ion is such a type of ion.

What is the symbol for phosphate ion?

P+ or P- depending on the type of ion.

What type of charge does a bromide ion have?

A bromide ion has a charge of -1.

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