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Is water damage from a faulty water pressure regulator covered by a homeowners policy?


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2011-07-20 08:03:46
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In most cases, yes. All policies have different provisions, so this scope is not a narrow one.

You should contact your agent for coverage advice.


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No. Damage from insects would not be covered on a homeowners policy.

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Damage must be due to a covered cause for the damage to be claimed on your homeowners insurance. I cannot think of any way damage to a sewer could be from a covered cause.

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Sure, as long as the damage was from a covered cause. The key to homeowners insurance is that the damage is due to a covered cause. If you a re searching to see if your insurance will pay for replacing the pipe because of lack of maintenance, no it will not. Maintenance is not covered on a homeowners policy.

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Carpet DamageYes, if it was damaged due to a covered peril under your policy it will be covered.

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Yes. As long as the damage was done by a "covered cause" coverage will be afforded and the damage will be fixed. Windstorm is a basic covered cause.

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