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Water isn't fattening since it doesn't have any calories, fat, or carbs. But, it is a good way to lose weight if you drink lots of water and it's good for keeping healthy skin. If anything water is very good for you.

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Is sea salt fattening?

No, anything with calories is fattening and salt doesn't have any calories nor does water.

Is water less fattening then soda?


Is whiskey fattening when drank with only water?

Alcohol is a highly concentrated carbohydrate. Therefore whiskey (alcohol) either with soda, or with water or straight is fattening.

Is sodium fattening?

Technically no but sodium does cause you to retain water.

Are pretzels fattening?

They are not fattening

Is carrot fattening?

No a carrot is not fattening.

Are oranges fattening?

Almost anything other than water is fattening if you eat enough of it, but it would be very difficult to eat enough oranges for them to be fattening. There are only about 80 calories in an orange, and no fat. But they do contain a lot of sugar, fructose to be exact.

Why is wine fattening?

Wine isn't fattening.

Is salmon fattening?

Salmon is not fattening at all.

Are chickpeas fattening?

NO. They can be fattening in fried form.

Is cream cheese fattening?

Yes, it is fattening.

How fattening is Mountain Dew?

real fattening

Is beer fattening?

Light beer is not as fattening as strong beer bu tall beer is fattening

Are eggplants fattening?

Eggplant is not fattening in itself, but if it is fried in oil, the oil may be fattening. In a stew, eggplant is no more fattening than any other vegetable.

Is ham fattening?

yes ham is very fattening

In what way is vodka fattening?

Surprisingly, vodka is not fattening.

Why is ham fattening?

it is processed meat,therefore is fattening.

Is bean soup fattening?

No, it is not fattening, it has lots of fibre.

Is a Moscow mule fattening?

All alcohol is fattening!

Is Vodka drink with Soda water fattening?

All alcohol is fattening, if you want to lose weight and need every edge you can, your might have to cut back/stop drinking booze Yes it is

Is salad fattening?

If it contains fattening ingredients, then yes. Otherwise no. Caesar salad, for one, is fattening. Anything with nuts, meat, cheese, etc. is at least somewhat fattening And the dressing is extremely fattening, look for a low fat one or vinaigrette.

What is a dessert topping?

It is Yummy and Fattening I DON'T care how fattening

Does chocolate is fattening?

Chocolate can be fattening if you eat too much

Is coke fattening?

yes but coke zero is not so fattening

How do you use fattening in a sentence?

Example sentences using the word fattening:The cream cakes at Greggs Bakers are very fattening.The farmer is fattening the turkeys ready for Christmas.The starved children in the village needed quick fattening if they were to survive another winter.

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