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Absolutely not. Go straight to the delivery suite. It sounds as though your waters have broken and there is therefore a risk of infection.

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Q: Is watery viginal discharge normal during the third trimester?
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Is heavy vaginal discharge during the last trimester of pregnancy normal?

If it is the last trimester it could be the mucus plug

Is yellow and brown discharge normal the first trimester?

You should see a doctor for any sort of discharge during pregnacy. It could be an infection which they would need to treat.

Is it normal to have viginal discharge but not your period?

Yes, it's normal to have vaginal discharge but not your period. Discharge starts as you enter puberty and continues throughout your life, typically menarche comes within four years of starting puberty.

Is white discharge in the third trimester normal?

Yes. It is caused by the hormones

Is slight cramping normal in the first trimester?

Yes cramping is normal during the first trimester. Its due to the baby growing and stretching you internally which is why you have cramps. Any bloody discharge, or spotting or sharp cramps should be reported to your doctor.

Is it normal to have discharges in your second trimester?

As long as it doesn't contain blood, yes it is completely normal to have a mucus discharge through the end of the 3rd trimester. If you are questioning a normal/abnormal discharge or you think your bag of water is leaking, call your doctor to confirm.

Is light pink discharge normal during first trimester?

I did for about 4 days and it lead to a miscarriage. Go see your dr when it first starts.

Is tissue discharge normal during pregnancy?

is it normal to have some discharge tissue during pregnancy

Is it normal to have light pink discharge after sex while being pregnant in your first trimester?


Is mucus like discharge normal during your first trimester?

depends on the colour. im no expert so u should go get it checked out by ur gp or local clinic

Is it normal to lose weight during the second trimester of your pregnancy?


Is it normal to gain a lot of weight in the first trimester?

No, normally there is minimal weight gain during the first trimester, most of the pregnancy weight gain occurs during the second trimester.

Is b it normal to spot at the begging of pregnancy?

Yes. Spotting is a bloody vaginal discharge or light bleeding down under. Spotting during pregnancy is nothing to be worried about. It is especially common during the first trimester.Congrats!

Is a watery discharge normal during the second trimester of pregnancy?

A watery discharge during pregnancy can be normal depending on the amount of discharge. If it is a constant watery discharge then I would check with your doctor because you may be leaking your amniotic fluid. Most pregnant women experience an increase of discharge so unless you are constantly leaking a watery fluid it should be nothing to worry about. I would call an nurse hotline and tallk to them or check with your doctor just to be safe. Pregnancy is nothing to mess around with.

Is it normal to lightly bleed and cramp during the first trimester?


What does discharge during pregnancy mean?

Discharge during pregnancy is normal! It is normal to have a havy flow of discharge. But, if the discharge has a green or yellow tint or a very foul smell, it could mean there is an infection and you should see your doctor about it.

Is it normal to have a milky white discharge in the first trimester?

NO, it maybe a sign of chlamydia. have yourself check. it is an infection that needed to be cured.

Is it normal to have white discharge during 35th week of pregnancy?

Yes. It is normal to have white discharge during pregnancy. But there may be itching or foul smelling discharge and in that case you need to consult your gynaecologist.

Is it normal to be extremely aroused during the third trimester?

Yes its quite common.

Is it normal to be fidgety nervous and or restless during your first trimester?

Just about anything can be normal. You have a lot of hormones being produced in overtime during the first trimester. If you are still concerned talk to your doctor. They will be able to help you better.

Are you supposed to have back pain with bleeding during the first trimester of pregnancy?

Back ache can occur at any trimester and the causes are different on different occasions. Bleeding in the first trimester or at any time during pregnancy is not normal.

Is it normal to have a yellow mucus like discharge at 25 weeks pregnant?

No, yellow and/or green discharge is never normal during pregnancy

Is a white clear slimy discharge normal during pregnancy?

Yes, perfectly normal.

Is it normal to have white stuff come out during and after your period?

yes it is normal its called discharge

Is dark blood clots during the 2 trimester normal?

no you must go to doctor