Is weed legal in Iceland?

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Is weed legal?

Only in some cases of an extreme medical condition and with a medical recommendation and approval by the authorities can marihuana/ganja be acquired legally. The fact that maybe some people are let go when in possession of small amounts of the drug does not mean the legality of it, but simply that i ( Full Answer )

Why is Legal Weed Legal?

There is no such thing as legal weed in the United States. There are state regulations that allow medical marijuana but on a federal level it is still a crime.

What would happen if weed was legal?

Answer . That is a question with a lot of answers. In short, it would solve a lot of problems.. You can find the full text of the major government commission reports that have tried to answer that question at These are the most comprehe ( Full Answer )

Is smoking weed legal?

Ofcourse its not legal. If smoking weed was legal, then people wouldn't be hiding it from police and higher authorities. If it was legal you would be able to grow it in your backyard or buy it from the shops. However, weed is illegal and it can kill you. And weed will never be legal!

When will weed be legalized?

it is legal in some countries, e.g. the netherlands. there is some debates as to whether it should be made legal in several countries, although the evidense of prolonged use leading to problems with the brain such as Schizophrenia make the chances of it ever being legalised very slim.

Is weed legal in Amsterdam?

It's officially illegal, but it's tolerated. It has been tolerated for more than 30 years now, and they have the lowest amount of hard-drug users in Europe. Hope this helps.

Is weed legal in Canada?

It is legal to smoke,grow or possess certain amount of weed if you have a licence from the Government.

Is weed legal in America?

In some states like Colorado it is. Other states like New Jersey still throw people in jail for it.

Is weed legal in Denver?

In 2005 Denver passed that it is legal to have up to one ounce of pot if you are over 21, however by state law it is still illegal in Colorado.

Does legal weed have THC?

marijuana given for medicinal puposes has THC they're the components that do all the fixin'.. the weed in "high times" or your local head shops just look pretty. But, they dont have the proper fixins. no

Is buying weed online legal?

Only if you buy it through a pharmacy and have a prescription.\n\n \n\nI do not think it is legal for any ways.

When weed will be legal?

It most likely never will be. Recent research has discovered that weed-related drugs are to blame for the rise in mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and aspergers. Many countries, in light of this new research, have actually strengthened the penalties for carrying and selling weed. Many others ( Full Answer )

Does legal weed get you high?

Legal weed gives you a tiny head buzz and if you mix it all together you will feel something. They say there is over 500 different chemicals in pot and its not just THC that gives you a buzz but THC is the most hyper active chemical in weed. There is another site at http://legal-weed-bud.worldwide-s ( Full Answer )

When will weed be legal?

Marijuana is already decriminalized and legal with limits inseveral states, including Colorado. National legalization may takeplace in several weeks, or in decades.

Where is it legal to smoke weed?

It is tolerated only in Amsterdam in coffee shops and in hotel room's, The Netherlands and, Mexico. But it is illegal every where you go. thanks.

Legalization of weed?

I say yes! It's better for the government because they can keep an eye on the weed, means a lot less crime. I live in Holland and weed is legal here, it's far better then every other country

Will weed ever be legalized?

Don't really know, but I think it's going to be legal BUT have a limit on what you can have on you at a time, let's say. 5g. XD

Will they legalize weed?

its legal in Amsterdam and there is a certain type of weed you can buy in hemp shops legality its usually called smoke.

How can you get a license to legally smoke weed?

In a few states, they have provisions for people suffering from certain medical conditions to receive THC in pill form (you don't get to smoke weed), but those are really, really serious medical conditions involving intractable (unending) nausea and vomiting. Conditions which are considered to be te ( Full Answer )

What places is weed legal?

.. The key is where is it tolerated (where you won't get busted)? The answer is many places! There are places in Australia, India, Nepal, Afghanistan, Morocco, etc. In the U.S. I understand California is very laid back about it, especially SF, and places north (the Emerald Triangle, where they grow ( Full Answer )

Is weed legal in MI?

There is only one place that I could think of in which "weed" is legal and that is in Amsterdam.

Are they going to legalize weed?

Obama is thinking about it, and ron paul wants to legalize weed, so if ron paul wins the 2012 election weeds gunna be legal for sure.

Why isn't weed legal?

It's difficult to say. Some claim that it's harmful, but it may simply be that it's impossible to control or tax effectively. This is a very good reason to support the Tenth Amendment groups and candidates because there is good argument to say that Marijuana should be entirely a state-law issue, a ( Full Answer )

Is it legal to homeschool in Iceland?

no it isn't they claim it is but you have to get a teaching degree, have worked as a teacher, make a "perfect" curriculum and then be approved ... If you don't meet all their "qualifications" you will be rejected and with out the governments approval it is illigal.

Is it legal to smoke weed in America?

Possession of marijuana is a federal crime. It is therefore against the law in the entire US. California and a few other states have introduced medical marijuana or have decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana, but since federal law trumps state law, it is still a crime everywhere. ( Full Answer )

Why should weed not be legalized?

There is no reason why it shouldn't be legalized. Me personally, I think it should should be legal. It's a plant, so why's it so bad. I can understand if your smoking it for all the wrong reasons aka suicide, but it's actually a calm soothing drug

Is legal weed really legal?

No. Federal law says no. State law doesn't matter if Federal law says something else.

Is it legal to have weed on you?

That entirely depends on the law where you live. If youre in USA then youre going to get arrested. If you're in a tolerence zone in Amsterdam then no you wont get arrested but its still against the law to smoke it outside of licensed tobacco shops.

Where is it legal to grow weed?

In a few countys in California it is legal to grow "weed"..... I don't remember the exact towns but you can have a large amount for persomal use something like 99 plants per acre you own.....something like that

Where in the US is weed legal and if it is why there and not everywhere?

Its legal in Alaska to have an ounce in your house, buts its illegal on the federal level still. Marijuana is illegal because it has negative effects on the human body. Studies have proven that over a long (but not extremely long) period of time marijuana will have major effects on your body su ( Full Answer )

Was weed legal in 1792?

Weed was legal until about 1930-ish... Hemp used to be a big deal. I'm not sure, but I heard that it used to be illegal NOT to have a hemp plant growing on your property.

Is weed legal on 420?

Specific Answer: It Depends. Simply put: The date has NO bearing on the legal standing of marijuana. If you have your cannabis card / license, using weed just as you always have is the only legal standing you have. For those without a license, it is just as illegal for them to possess / consume w ( Full Answer )

Is weed legal in Columbia?

Doesn't matter if it is. The drug trade in Columbia is very bad, so there is a lot of marijuana and other drugs down there.

How can you get weed legalized?

one option is to take it to the supreme court. You see the federal government is really limited to the powers invested in it by the constitution. Anything else is left up to the states, so technically all drug laws are unconstitutional.

How do you get legal weed in Arizona?

Around April 1st, they will be taking applications for patients. Some future dispensaries such as Chronic Comfort will be keep patients updated.

Why weed should be legalized?

Because 1. It's been proven that it doesn't harm your body 2. It's used to actually help people cure things such as cancer 3. Tobacco is legal and it does way more damage to the lungs and body. Many people smoke weed and they most likely are not going to stop. So why not legalize it?

Can legal weed be detected?

Weed is still "marijuana" which can be detected regardless of it being legal or illegal because even though it is illegal, patients can still have it prescribed to them and if they are tested for drugs then marijuana will show up.

Is weed legal in dc?

Marijuana is currently illegal in all states of America apart from medical marijuana, which is only legal in the state of California.

Can legal weed harm you if smoked?

Of course... I smoke weed non-legally still has the same effect on your body functions like the heart and lungs but it is just per-scribed because it helps whatever your per-scribed for pain antidepressant and stuff like that

What kind of weed is legal?

Medical marijuana, but medical marijuana must be legal in your state, and you must have a doctor's prescription for it to be okay for you to have it and smoke it.

Why is weed not legal but cigaretts are?

Because marijuana is a relative of the 'hemp' family. Hemp was illegalized way beck in the day because it would smash the paper, clothing..etc companies. An anti-marijuana campaign in the 50s-60s spread alot of lies about it to get it illegalized. Nowadays my oppinion is that they wouldn't make as m ( Full Answer )

Is Pakistan weed legal?

No less or more so than marijuana grown elsewhere. If the drug is illegal in the jurisdiction where you live it does not matter where it originates

What are the ingredients to make legal weed?

There is no such thing as legal weed. Medical weed is specially developed for medicinal purposes, the DNA structure of the weed is altered so it does not have the same effects as illegally bought weed.

Is synthetic weed legal in Connecticut?

I believe synthetics are under evaluation at the moment and are not legal... Anywhere. I would also say that marijuana would be much safer.

Why did Colorado legalize weed?

Because it being illegal doesn't stop people from using it and only costs money to keep it illegal. Also because it's been proven to be a beneficial plant with many healing qualities and is also a source of organic clothes, fuel, food, plastic, concrete, and much more.

Is the us nearing legalizing weed?

The legalization is spreading one state at a time. In less than 20 years it will most likely be legal everywhere in the US.