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The weight or mass of the entire matter found in the universe is determined not only by gravity but also are inluenced by the strong and weak nuclear forces that affects the atoms nucleus and its components

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Mass is an inherent property of matter. Weight is determined by gravity.

Weight is determined by gravity for it is the cause of forces between masses.

Since gravity is basically a force then, it is determined by both mass and size. Also weight.

weight = mass * g , where g is the gravity constant = 9.8 .so weight can be determined.

force, or as described on Earth, WEIGHT.

Mass is the amount of matter contained in an object. Gravity is determined by the mass of two objects and the distance between them. Weight is the resulting force.

Yes, because weight it determined by gravity. Its mass however, does not.

Weight = mass x gravityWeight = mass x gravityWeight = mass x gravityWeight = mass x gravity

No. Mass is the amount of material in your body. Your weight is determined by gravity, and will increase as gravity increases, but the actual mass of your body is not affected by gravity.

mass is the actual ''density'' of an object. whereas weight is determined by gravity and mass w=m*g hope this helps

In science weight means the heaviness or mass of an object. It is determined by the local acceleration of gravity times the mass of the body.

Not accurately. Weight is a function of gravity acting on mass. Objects underground have gravity pulling them up as well as down.

well weight depends on mass and gravity so gravity depends on mass. e.g weight=mass X gravity

No. Mass is independent of gravity, but weight is a function of gravity and mass.

Mass is not affected by gravity. Weight is the result of the force of gravity acting on mass.

Weight is determined by the object's mass and the force of gravity acting upon the object.

The mass is basically NOT affected by gravity. The weight IS affected, and it is equal to mass x gravity.

Weight is a function of gravity. Gravity is determined by proximity to mass. At the point of the big bang, all the mass of the universe (which is said to be infinite) was compressed to a single point. Therefore the pull of gravity, and thus the weight of that mass would also be infinite.

Gravity is the cause of weight, but it has no effect on mass.

Weight is the effect of gravity upon mass.

Weight is a force. Gravity is an acceleration. Therefore, mass multiplied by gravity gives you weight.

There is a mathematical relationship between gravity and weight not mass. Mass is some thing that you always have, it doesn't change. But weight is determined by the size of the planet that they are on, bigger planets like Saturn and Jupiter get more gravity therefore making a person's weight differ

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