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Yes it is, if it precedes the noun, as in "a well-known actress."
If it follows the noun, as in "the actress is well known," it is not hyphenated.
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What is Mercury's well known feature?

You could be asking about the element Mercury or the planet Mercury. The element Mercury is probably most remarkable for being a metal which is liquid at room temperature. However, I think this is about the planet. The planet's famous feature is called the "Caloris Basin". Answer The first answe ( Full Answer )

What is a hyphen?

A single dash used to connect two words to create a compound word. A hyphen is like a "dash". It is used when writing numbers (like forty-two) or in words such as mother-in-law, ex-wife, and president-elect. Often, it is hard to say whether or not a word is hyphenated. When in doubt, check a diction ( Full Answer )

How do you know when to hyphenate well-nourished and well-developed in a sentence?

You should hyphenate well nourished and well developed IF followed by a noun - i.e., "well-nourished and well-developed man" or "well-nourished and well-developed patient". If the noun is before these, then you would not hyphenate - i.e., "The patient is well nourished and well developed". This woul ( Full Answer )

Why is Joan of Arc well known?

Joen of arc was known as a the Maid of Orleans\n. \nJeanne d' Arc is famous for defeating the English for the throne of France. She captured the city of Orleans in nine days from the English army and finally for her death on fire, at Vieux-Marche in Rouen, sentenced by a religious court of the Engl ( Full Answer )

What is the most well known planet?

The most well known planet is the earth, where we live on. If the question is about planets that can be viewed in the night sky, then there are: . Jupiter (the brightest right now), . Venus (a popular 'evening star' or 'morning star'), . Mars. . Mercury can sometimes be viewed as a mornin ( Full Answer )

What food is well known in India?

Indian cuisine is diverse. So there are many dishes that are favourites. Some examples are rotis, chappatis, paneer dishes, dum aloo....and south Indian dishes like idli, sambhar, dosa etc. There simply too many to list.

Why was Hermes well known?

He was the messenger for the gods. He was usually seen as a very fast god due to his winged shoes.

What is something well-known for The Bahamas?

Here's things The Islands Of The Bahamas are well-known for: • The clearest water in the world (visibility of over 200 feet) • Government House and changing of the guard • Atlantis • Straw Market • Lucayan Caverns, one of the world's largest underwater cave system ( Full Answer )

What is the well known swamp in Florida?

Overall - The Everglades which are a subtropical wetland located in the southern portion of the U.S. state of Florida, comprising the southern half of a large watershed.

Who is a well known botanist?

A famous botanist is George Washington Carver. He disconered over 300 products out of penuts!

What are some well known phrases?

Better late than never . A stitch in time saves nine . Too many cooks spoil the broth . A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush . Between the devil and the deep blue sea . Better the devil you know . Born with a silver spoon in their mouth . Don't throw the baby out with the bath water . ( Full Answer )

Why is Cathy Freeman well known?

She was the first Australian aboriginal to win an Olympic gold medal in an individual event (400 meter run in the 2000 Games).. She was a female icon for many aboriginals that needed help and support to do the things that inspire them. She also was the first female aboriginal Australian to be a spo ( Full Answer )

The Canadian horse is well known for what?

It ISN'T well-known. Even by Canadians, it is mostly only those who are familiar with horses that know of the breed itself. Shame; it is the first horse to be bred in North America, and it is a lovely horse. Not a specialist in anything, but a jack of all trades.

What are some well known books?

The Harry Potter series. The Inheritance Series. The Twilight Series. The Spiderwick Chronicles. The Warriors Series. Ella Enchanted. Heidi. A Little Princess. Black Beauty. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Wind In the Willows. Journey To the Center of the Earth

Why Shakespeare was well known?

Shakespeare is well known for writing around 37 plays and sonnetswhich were performed at the Globe Theatre at Southwark.

Why was Shakespeare well known?

Shakespeare (to me) is the best playwright of all time!. he was born in stratford upon avon. he moved to london. then he came back to stratford and died there. on his grave it says. "good friend for jesus sake forbare. to dig the dust enclosed here. blesed be the man that spares these stones. ( Full Answer )

What is Connecticut well known for?

Connecticut is known for many things. For example it was one of the origanal 13 colonies. I is also known for Mystic sea port in New London and its pretty contry side like dairy farms so many new yorkers have summer houses there. ( i live in Connecticut near the NY border and the torist are annoying ( Full Answer )

Is well built hyphenated?

Yes, "well-built" is a hyphenated adjective. The two words do not separately modify the subject.

What is an hyphenation?

A hyphenation is the use of the punctuation mark, the hyphen. The hyphen is used to join separate words and into single words, such as 'merry-go-round' and to separate syllables of a single word into parts, such as 'un-American.'

Do you hyphenate well understood?

Chicago says to hyphenate if before the verb but not to if after the verb. The examples given (section 5.93) are "a well-trained athlete" vs. "an athlete who is well trained." I thought I'd learned this rule doesn't apply with the verb "to be" but apparently that's not the case, given these examples ( Full Answer )

Is well attended hyphenated?

It depends on how it is used. When it comes before a noun and acts as an adjective modifying that noun, it is hyphenated: We expect the holiday party to be a well-attended event. However, when it is used with a linking verb and does not come before a noun (that is, when it is used as a predicate ( Full Answer )

Is well appearing hyphenated?

Yes, it would be. But it is a poor choice for converting apredicate adjective into a leading one. The term well-appearing might be misunderstood given the multiplemeanings of the verb "appear."

Why is New Zealand well known?

New Zealand is a new country it is famous for cattle and sheep products and for natural beauty but lately it has become a hub for investments education and services long ago it was famous its gold mines.

A well known landmark in Canada?

I only have two well known Landmarks in Canada : 1. Canoeists on Medicine lake 2. Centre island, Toronto

What is Dunkirk France well known for?

The evacuation of 338000, mostly British troops, following the German Army's brilliant tactical advance through Belgium and France in 1940.

How is the Dalai Lama well known?

The Dalia lama is well known because he started a small rebellion in China( Tibet ) that the government crushed with extreme force.

What is Galileo well known for?

For proposing a heliocentric solar system. This was not well received by the church, since the bible says that the universe centered on the Earth. He also refined the telescope and furthered the field of mathematics.

Is Mars a well known planet?

Yes, Mars is a very well-known planet. It has been studied for hundreds of years by telescope, and more recently, the US has landed Mars rovers which have sent back pictures of Mars' surface, and tested the soil there.

What ballet shows are well known?

Swan Lake, the Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Coppelia, A Midsummer's Night Dream, and Cinderella are just a few

Why is rashi known so well?

Rashi (an acronym for Rabbi Shelomo Yitzchaki) was a famous Rabbi (1040-1105) in Troyes, France, who wrote the leading commentaries on the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible), the Talmud, and Midrash Rabbah.

What is Norway well known for?

The Kingdom of Norway occupies the western and northern portions ofthe Scandinavian Peninsula in Europe, bordered by Sweden, Finlandand Russia. It also shares sea borders with the United Kingdom andDenmark. The capital of Norway is Oslo. A rugged country ofmountains, fjords and glaciers, Norway cove ( Full Answer )

Why is Levi Coffin well known?

He worked for the Underground Railroad and he was also called President of the Underground Railroad

Why is Abraham Maslow well known?

Abraham Maslow (1908-1970), a professor at Brandeis University and a practicing psychologist, developed the hierarchy of needs theory. He identified a set of needs that he prioritized into a hierarchy.

Why is Sendai Japan well known?

Sendai is very well know because of it's beauty. As it is a large city; known for it's heavy economic retail, sale, and services. Tourist love Sendai for it's natural beauty landscapes, hot springs, museums, festivals, crafts, bright colors. Sendai is the capital of Miyagi, and largest city in Tohok ( Full Answer )

What was Benjamin Franklin well known as?

Ben Franklin was a man known for many skills as a writer, scientist, and politician. 1. He wrote for his brother's paper, The New England Courant , under the name Silence Dogood. These letters by Franklin were filled with advice and opinions on global issues. They were very popular with readers. J ( Full Answer )

When did the beatles become well known?

They were famous in Liverpool in 1962. They became nationally famous in 1963 - essentially with the release of Please, Please Me - and after a performance on Thank Your Lucky Stars in January 1963.

Are pandas well known in china?

well kind of but they are mostly known to live in Japan though but some pandas are in China like the Red Panda in thought ☺☻☺☻ hope you like the answer because im only 11 that came from my head just thinking!

What is Romania well known for?

One name all knows as Romanian brand in Sport and Olympics: Nadia Comanici, gymnast with highest number of medals in one sport in Olympics from Romania(gymnastics)

Why is Riley Cortez well-known?

Riley is well known because she's related to a famous actress in Sweden. She's also well known because of her friendship with Demi Lovato and Alyson Stoner. Riley is a professional dancer and has been seen in different performances. She knows a singer in Sweden too through her neighbor. I don ( Full Answer )

Who is a well known person from Denmark?

If you mean internationally known, of the top of my head: Lars Ulrich (drummer of Metallica) Connie Nielsen (Actress) Nikolai Coster-Waldau (Actor) Niels Bohr (Physicist) Caroline Wozniacki (Tennis Player)

Why is Justin bieber well known?

He is well known for many reasons. Most are because of: -his hair -his younger sounding voice -his looks -his music -his singles "One Time", "Baby", and "Never Say Never" -and many more

Is Devry a well known company?

If you are looking for a great place to do online studies, then Devry is a good choice for you. They are well known and well trusted by their students. I would recommend them.

What is Mary Wells well known for?

Mary Wells was an American singer who was well known for helping to define the emerging sound of Motown in the early 1960's. She became known as the "Queen of Motown".