Is whiskey a depressant?


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Whisky contains alcohol and alcohol is a depressant, so yes, whisky is a depressant

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No. The drug in whiskey is alcohol and it is a depressant.

Yes, rohypnos is a depressant.

Alcohol is a depressant, yes.

a depressant is a drug that slows down your body. a depressant is a drug that slows down your body.

Hashish is marijuana is depressant.

Alcohol is classified as a depressant.

Heroin is a powerful depressant.

the prefix for depressant is bob de

No. Nicotine is the opposite of a depressant, it is classified as a stimulant.

it is technically both a stimulant and a depressant

An antidepressant is an agent which counteracts depression.

is is both, but more towards depressant.

I am pretty sure that Valium is a depressant.

Ethyl alcohol is considered a depressant.

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant.

Depressant. All opiates are depressants

Yes, atavin is a benzodiazepine which is classified as a CNS depressant.

Its a depressant eventually. It starts off as a stimulant.

Whiskey is whiskey because whiskey is distilled in whiskey farms, by distillers of whiskey. My friend who was there at the time of this rebellion, Bethsarh, informs me "I was distraught by the loss of mon3y because my whiskey was not whiskey enough for the whiskey seller in the market of whiskey selling."

Alcohol is a depressant which we all know is used very often. Another depressant that is used often are tranquilizers.

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