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Is white chocolate good for you?

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White chocolate has no nutritional benefits, other than being high calorie.

2011-03-30 15:06:44
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Q: Is white chocolate good for you?
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Is white chocolate baklava good?

It sure is, if you like white chocolate!

Is it true that white chocolate is moldy chocolate?

depends if it tastes good

What is a good name for my orange and white guinea pig?

White Chocolate Terrry's chocolate Orange. Or McDonalds.

Is white or dark chocolate healthy?

White chocolate is very unhealthy. But dark chocolate is very good for you if you have a small piece every day.

Which is healthier white chocolate dark chocolate or light chocolate?

Dark chocolate cause dark chocolate is good for you heart

Which companies produce white chocolate truffles?

Companies which produce white chocolate and chocolate truffles also produce white chocolate truffles. A few companies that are good would be Cadbury, Royce Chocolates and Godiva.

Is chocolate good or not good for you?

Chocolate is good, because of the high amount of cocoa bean content. This only applys to dark chocolate, on the other hand white chocolate is full of fat and could not even be refered to as chocolate!

Are chocolate chips good?

Yes they are really good. There are many different kinds like dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, or even mint chocolate chips!!

Where can you buy good white chocolate?

Save alot

How many people like white chocolate?

It is good

Why was white chocolate created?

Because it rastes good

Is the dark chocolate healthier than the white chocolate?

Yes, it is. The dark chocolate helps keep teeth clean, the white chocolate doesn't. I recommend you the dark chocolate, it is healthier than the other types of chocolate.Dark chocolate contains more coco beans than white chocolate, which make dark good for the heart.

Is vanilla a white substitute for chocolate?

White chocolate is a white substitute for chocolate.

What chocolate has the least cocoa in milk chocolate or white chocolate?

white chocolate

What is two products manufactured in Belgium?

Milk chocolate and white chocolate. Milk chocolate and white chocolate. Milk chocolate and white chocolate. and cheese.

What desert is white and sweet?

white chocolate cookies idk lol but they sound good white cake

Why is white chocolate not chocolate coloured?

White chocolate isn't chocolate colored because of the chemicals in it that turns it white :-)

What tastes good with chocolate?

okay well there are lots of things that taste good with chocolate like cherries, bannanas, orange peels, or maybe even different kinds of chocolate like white chocolate! oh and pretzels taste good with chocolate too!

Whats a good chocolate to use in a fountain?

milk chocolate and white chocolate is the best choice. the reason for this answer is because you can bath in it easier

Why is milk chocolate not white?

because it is milk chocolate not white chocolate!!

What melts the slowest white chocolate or milk chocolate?

white chocolate

What is the ingrienents of white chocolate?

In good white chocolate, the ingredients are cocoa butter, sugar and milk powder. Most also have vanilla seeds in. In low quality white chocolate, the cocoa butter is usually substituted for vegetable fat.

Is white chocolate milk chocolate?

White chocolate often refers to Vanilla not milk chocolate

What is more delicious milk chocolate or white chocolate or dark chocolate?

milk chocolate then white chocolate and then it's dark chocolate

Can people with chocolate allergy eat white chocolate?

I would think so since white chocolate isn't real chocolate White chocolate is artificial.