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It can be a symptom, but it can be a symptom of other things. If you know you are pregnant, it's just probably your milk coming in. If you don't know or aren't sure, go see a doctor.

AnswerNot necessarily. If you have already had a pregnancy, it is possible for your body to produce milk. I thought I was pregant a few months ago because when I pressed on my breast it leaked white fluid, but I wasn't. However, it could be a sign. Take a test to be sure and see your doctor either way.


Milky like fluid coming out of you breasts can also be a sign of stress. I have had some fluid coming out of my breasts for almost 6 months now, and I have never had children nor have I been pregnant.

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Q: Is white fluid coming out of the nipples a pregnancy symptom?
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Could you be pregnant if your breasts have been sore and cloudy and bits of fluid are coming out of your nipples?

one symptom of pregnancy is sore breasts it is possible

You have yellowish whitish fluid coming from your nipples what does this mean?

If you are not towards the end of pregnancy or have not been pregnant recently you need to see a doctor.

Are hard nipples a symptom of pregnancy?

Breast tenderness is as a sign of pregnancy.From a mild tingling in the breasts, a gentle swelling, or an aching soreness, the breasts go through changes in response to the shifting hormones in your body that are an early sign of pregnancy.Small "bumps" on your nipples as a sign of pregnancy.You may never have noticed before, but there are small bumps on your nipples, called "Mongomery's tubercles." These become much more pronounced during pregnancy and secrete an oily fluid in preparation for breastfeeding. Nipples also change color during pregnancy, becoming a darker brown versus a lighter pink before pregnancy.I am 5 weeks pregnant and my nipples are very hard, big and they are very itching for about last 4 days.It is a real possibility. I am 10 weeks pregnant and hard nipples were my very first symptom. Before I even missed a period my nipples were flying at full staff and itching like crazy.Hard nipples on their own are not a sign of pregnancy but if you are pregnant you may well get hard nipples.Well, I'm five weeks pregnant, and hard nipples were my first sign. Really the only way to tell if you're pregnant is to take a test.

Why is clear fluid coming out of your nipples?

Females Who Use The Pill Will Get This For A While.

Not pregnant and clear fluid coming out your nipple what is that?

I am not pregnant and i am not on birth control pill and have clear fluid coming from my nipple what can cause this symptom?

When should you start producing breast milk in pregnancy?

You are not supposed to start producing milk during pregnancy. You can express little yellowish fluid from the nipples, during pregnancy.

Is white liquid fluid coming after vagina symptoms of pregnancy?

No it is not.

When do you start producing milk when pregnant?

You are not supposed to start producing milk during pregnancy. You can express little yellowish fluid from the nipples, during pregnancy.

Is it normal to have secretion from your breasts as early as 2 or 3 months pregnancy?

Yes I would say that it is normal because with my second pregnancy I found out that I was 10 weeks pregnant because of my nipples leaking white fluid which seemed like milk...I wasnt aware that I could have that symptom but its possible..I took a pregnancy test as soon as I noticed the leakage and I was pregnant.

Why do you have clear fluid coming from your nipple?

Clear fluid coming from your nipple can be due to nipple stimulation, hormonal imbalance, or pregnancy. See your health care provider for an exam.

Is it normal for your nipples to leak clear fluid during pregnancy?

It can happen in some women. It has to do with producing milk. Yes, there is a clear sometimes whitish fluid that may leak out during the 2nd-3rd trimesters of your pregnancy. It is a fluid that the breast sometimes releases having to do with breast milk development

If you have fluid coming out of your breasts are you pregnant?

If you are leaking a yellowish color liquid out of your breast there is a very large chance that you are pregnant... take a pregnancy test and good luck I wouldn't count on it completely although it is possible. Just remember, leakage from nipples (if not pregnant) means infection.

Is it normal for your nipples to peel and crack during your fourth month of pregnancy and what can you do about it?

Yes you can have chapping, are you leaking a little fluid from your nipples? they sell a cream for nursing it looks like vasaline and you will have to buy nursing pads so as not to ruin any bra's or shirts but it will work.

What does it mean when your nipples are sticky but there no fluid seen?


Is white fluid a pregnancy symptom?

not necessarily. discharge can be caused by a variety of things. Don't get too stressed out yet. If your period is late simply take a pregnancy test. And unless you are trying to conceive, please use contraceptives in the future -- or abstain.

An increase in aqueous fluid pressure is a symptom of?


When you have a period does milk start coming into your breasts?

No. You only get milk during a pregnancy. During a period, it is just fluid build-up

Will pergency be disturbed because of the fluid which is coming out after intercourse?

Sex in a normal & healthy pregnancy is safe generally up until the day you give birth. Normally the fluid is not from the female, but from the male. So you should not be alarmed by the normal whitish fluid. You should take your pregnancy health concerns to your OB/GYN.

When i squeeze my nipple clear liquid is coming out but I've been gettin my period could i still be pregnant?

Probably not. Getting your period is a pretty reliable sign that you are not pregnant. It's normal to secrete small amounts of fluid from you nipples. If it seems excessive, consult your doctor. Well my daughter is 11 and she has liquid coming out of her nipples what does that mean??

Your dog has fluid coming from his nose?

Clear fluid coming from your dogâ??s noise may be a symptom of kennel cough or the flu. Discharge of thick pus or mucus is a sign of a more serious infection or possible tumor growth. Any consistent discharge from the nose should be check out by a vet.

How do you know if your lactating?

Your breasts swell. The nipples itch or hurt. There will also be a leaking of a fluid from the nipples, not always resembling milk.

In 4 months of pregnancy you found clear liquids from your nipples but when its come together with a little of blood and white liquid like milk recently is that normal?

Breast go through a series of changes during pregnancy. It is normal to experience liquid secretion durnig pregnancy. It begins with clear fluid and develops milk.

You have not had your period yet and am feeling nauseaus tired and have milky fluid when you squeeze nipples?

You might be pregnant Go by a home test an take it, or go to a pregnancy center for woman,teenagers an etc,to get a test done.

What may be symptom for missed period for 8 days breast aching and breast enlargelower abdomen pain lower back pain and also pain in vagina and white fluid coming?

Stress. This can be normal for many woman who are under severe, or minor, stress. A lot of woman mistake it for pregnancy. You could be pregnant, but these are symptoms that do not start till around two months into pregnancy. The number one cause is stress!

Is it normal to have fluid come out of a boy's nipples?

get that checked out man #gross