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Someone answered that dark meat chicken is not as good as white because it is higher in fat. Animal fat is a crucial staple of the diet and should not be dismissed because American social beliefs have been manipulated to lean towards "low-fat." I recommend chapters one through three in the book "Good Calorie, Bad Calorie" which cites multiple scientific and empirical studies over the past hundred years (often attempting to validate the benefits of low fat/low cholesterol) which disprove the hypothesis that fatty foods impact cholesterol, heart disease, and mortality rates. The hypothesis that lower fat white meat is better is disproved by hundreds of double blind clinical tests. Remember that one must seek to disprove, not confirm a guess about a subject.AnswerAlthough dark meat does have higher fat content than white meat, it has more vitamin B, iron and protein than white meat. Eating dark meat will not harm you as long as you add it in to a healthy nutritious diet. AnswerWhite meat is better for you, there is less fat and more nutrients. Dark meat is fatty. That is one of the reasons you are seeing more fast food resteraunts switching to all white meat chicken. AnswerThigh meat (dark) and breast meat (white) are very similar in calories and fat within each ounce of skinless meat. Drumstick (dark) is much higher in both calories and fat. Dark meat has zinc, riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, vitamins B6 and B12, amino acids, iron. Dark meat has 11 times more zinc than spinach, which zinc has been considered as a potential nutritional treatment for early stages of cold and flu.
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Q: Is white or dark meat better for you?
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What is better for you white or dark meat?

White meat would be a better choice since it has less fat than dark meat but dark meat is more flavorful because of the fat.

Which is healthier dark or white meat?

White meat is healthier, but many say dark is better tasting.

Is dark meat better than light meat when preparing chicken soup?

You can use either white or dark meat when preparing chicken soup. The dark meat has a little more flavor than the white meat.

Are chicken thighs white or dark meat?


How many fowl have both white and dark meat?

all fowl have white and dark meat usually the white meat is in the breast and the dark meat is in the legs

Does dark meat have more flavor then white meat?

Dark meat is juicier then white. Dark poultry meat contains more fat than white poultry meat. Fat carries more flavor. So, yes, dark meat has more flavor than white meat.

Is chicken white meat or dark meat?

Both. There is white meat on the breast sections and dark meat on the drum sticks.

Which has fewer calories white meat or dark meat?

Dark poultry meat has more fat than white poultry meat, so dark meat has more calories.

Is goose white meat or dark meat?

All dark.

Are chicken wings white or dark meat?

dark meat

Is a turkey leg white or dark meat?

Dark Meat

Is a chicken drumstick considered white or dark meat?

A chicken drunstick can be dark or white meat.

Are chicken breast white or dark meat?

They are a white meat

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White meat

Is the following a true statement Breast white meat leg dark meat thigh dark meat wing white meat?


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Chicken rib meat is white meat.

Is quail meat white or dark?

White. It's not mammilian.

What cooks faster white or dark meat?

White meat cooks faster than dark meat when you are making chicken. Dark meat has more fat and this is why it takes longer to cook.

Which meat on a free range chicken is the leanest dark meat or white meat?


Is the chicken tenderloin white meat or dark meat?

In most chickens it is white meat.

Do Americans prefer the white meat turkey or dark meat of the turkey?

White meat

Are CHICKEN white or dark meat?

Chicken is classed as white meat.

Is there a turkey with just dark meat?

No, there is not all turkeys have dark and white meat :)

Is a wing dark meat?

No. It's white meat. The upper of the bird is white and the lower part of the bird is dark.