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If the discharge is a very milky and white with a none smelling then yes it could be sign but if the discharge becomes thick and smelly then you need to go to the doctors.

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Q: Is white thick non-itchy normal smelling discharge a sign of pregnancy?
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Is it normal to have white discharge during 35th week of pregnancy?

Yes. It is normal to have white discharge during pregnancy. But there may be itching or foul smelling discharge and in that case you need to consult your gynaecologist.

Is tissue discharge normal during pregnancy?

is it normal to have some discharge tissue during pregnancy

Is smelling burnt toast normal in pregnancy?

Its normal to have random smells and cravings during pregnancy.

Why white thick liquid discharge durind pregnancy?

This is very normal during pregnancy, and the discharge will increase as your pregnancy progresses.

Is it normal to have white discharge in early pregnancy?

Yes very normal. In fact its a pregnancy symptom.

Why would you get a milky discharge while pregnant?

Normal vaginal discharge during pregnancy called leukorrhea is thin, white, milky and mild smelling. It's nothing to worry about, but don't douche or use a tampon if it's thick enough to bother you.

What is the normal color of discharge during pregnancy?

neon green

You see a creamy discharge during pregnancy is that normal?


Is it normal after a cone biopsy to have foul smelling discharge four days after?

As your post-op instructions probably mention, you should contact your physician if you're having foul-smelling discharge after a cone biopsy.

Is it normal to have a yellow mucus like discharge at 25 weeks pregnant?

No, yellow and/or green discharge is never normal during pregnancy

Is a white clear slimy discharge normal during pregnancy?

Yes, perfectly normal.

What does increase in discharge mean during pregnancy?

Normal discharge increasing is completely normal, during pregnancy. Discharge with blood, bad odor or green, yellow discoloration needs to be brought to your doctors attention, as a possible sign of infection.

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