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Could be a sign of a urinary tract infection. Go see a doctor, because a UTI left untreated could lead to a bladder infection, which could lead to a kidney infection, which is painful and more difficult to treat.


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* More energy than the first two * stretch marks * less frequent urination or problems urinating * cramping after orgasms * vaginal discharge will increase * faintness/dizziness

pregnancy? Also, these are all symptoms of ovarian cancer. If these symptoms persist for 2 weeks see your doctor.

No. Excessive vaginal discharge that is similar in appearance to ovulation discharge, can be a indication of pregnancy. A vaginal odour is usually a indication of a thrush infection.

Yes it does. Vaginal discharge is quite a lot during pregnancy.

Yes, women have vaginal discharge during pregnancy which will increase as the pregnancy progresses.

vaginal discharge can vary in colour, thickness and amount during pregnancy. if you have any concerns see your doctor

Increased appetite may be a sign of pregnancy, usually nausea and breast tenderness are the most common symptoms. A vaginal discharge menas you probably have a vaginal infetion, possibly even A STD. Frequent urination can be seen with pregnancy although usually later in the pregnancy, it could mean you have a Urinary Tract Infection. You should probably see your doctor.

The vagina loses discharge naturally as its a natural vaginal lubrication. Excessive vaginal discharge can be a sign of pregnancy or ovulation.

All women have vaginal discharge prior to being pregnant, as this is our natural lubricant. During pregnancy, the discharge will increase in amount as the pregnancy progresses.

No you should have it checked out by your doctor vaginal discharge it a way that the vagina cleans itself from your previous period Actually, Vaginal discharge may be a sign of pregnancy. Early signs of pregnancy include this. Vaginal mucous gathers together around the cervix creating the mucous plug, which protects the fetus from infections.

No, you always discharge. That is the vaginal cleaning system.

Hormone changes of pregnancy can cause changes in urination and vaginal discharge, spotting after sex, and can make UTIs (and thus painful urination) more common. But it makes sense to get tested for chlamydia during pregnancy. Contact your health care provider to schedule a test.

Hello. Symptoms of yeast infection are as follows: * Vaginal discharge coloured yellow, green or brown. * Vaginal odour or smelly dsicharge. * Vaginal itching. * Burning upon urination. * Painful urination. *Inflammed vaginal area. You may experience all of only 1 of the above symptoms with a yeast infection.

A vaginal discharge which looks like egg-whites is ovulation discharge. Prior to your period or after your period it is very common and normal to experience a white vaginal discharge that is not pregnancy related. It is your vagina keeping itself fresh and clean and preventing bacteria from causing a infection. But during pregnancy, a increase in vaginal discharge does occur and it continues to increase every few days.

Hello - Thick cervical mucus discharge (vaginal discharge) is often a sign of Ovulation, approaching period or pregnancy related.

The opposite increases.

A vaginal discharge before a period is normal as is in pregnancy. See a doctor if you suspect you may be pregnant.

All women release white discharge, depending upon where they are in their cycle. As a symptom on its own, this doesn't indicate pregnancy. However, during pregnancy there will be an increase in vaginal discharge.

painful sexual intercourse, vaginal pain, frequent need to urinate, burning or itching in the vaginal area, persistent unusual vaginal discharge

Yes, an increase in vaginal discharge in early pregnancy it attributed to the formation of the mucus plug. Increased vaginal discharge could also mean a yeast infection too - don't be alarmed, just visit your doctor. I'm 18 and recently have had excessive discharge, but it was only a bacterial infection!

Stomach aches and vaginal discharge are signs of pregnancy.Although nausia an stomach cramps are major signs of pregnancy.If neede,take a pregnancy test for more accuracy.

Yes many experience a discharge during pregnancy, it may be white or even brownish in colour.

Vaginal itchingVaginal discharge that may be thick, white and lumpy like cottage cheeseVaginal soreness, irritation or burningRash or redness on the skin outside the vaginaBurning on urinationPainful vaginal intercourseFoul-smelling vaginal dischargeMissed periods

no, black discharge can be a sign of a prolapse in the vaginal wall - get this checked out

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