Is winco a good place to work?

The only thing good about working at winco is their benefits. You get full medical and dental benefits for only 20. a month, that's great. The pay is not greaat to start, but if you can stick it out you can end up making 17.00 an hour for cashier. The problem is most people don't make it that far, because the scheduling demand is so terrible and the expectations are extremely stressful. Management treats the employees terrible and do anything to get rid of them. And whatever you do, do not even go into being a store manager or assistant, they will get rid of you just because they do not like you. If the district manager likes someone else and wants to make room for them, they will come up with any reason to fire or demote you without any prior notice and there is nothing you can do about it because these positions are "at will" positions, meaning they can basically do whatever they want without any legal ramifications.