Is woodpecker cider gluten free?

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2008-02-14 18:43:21

According to all of my research, Woodpecker cider is

gluten-free. Along with Magners, Woodchuck, Bulmers (UK brand of

Magners), Strongbow and Cider Jack. The only unfriendly cider I

have found to date is Hornsby....which does have wheat. I have been

a celiac for six years and was a huge fan of beer before my

diagnosis. I like some of the gluten-free beers out there (Ramapo

Valley, New Grist), however they are extremely hard to find in

bars/pubs - not to mention stores! Cider is a nice alternative and

since it is available in a ton of bars/pubs/restaurants/stores, you

do not have to feel ostracized when you are out and want to have a

beer-like drink, especially when you can get it on tap!

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