Is working at home for advanced medical solutions group a scam?

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I don't know for sure, but they probably are not if they are one of those companies that employs people who go through new medical insurance claims and "translate" them into the applicable code numbers. There are several online and mail-order technical training companies that train people how to do that.

They are not listed at the Snopes web site.
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Advertisement deleted. And yes, it's a scam. Fortunately, they are having a bit of problems right now, and can't take on new "clients".

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I found a review for them. Some have success, some dont. It works, but not for everyone. You should always do research on these companies.

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If you have the necessary skills and knowledge, work from home is real. expect the same employment process as a traditional job.

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yes, i believe it is a scam i signed up for there program and let me tell you what went down. they sent me to www.bonus pages where the adobe flash player was infected with trojans information stealing trojans.( highered my seond computer virus and malware, thanks geeks for your help). and on the in ( Full Answer )

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Yes, there are many work at home opportunities that are legitimate,but it is important to do your homework before starting anyopportunity, since the scams are often better publicized than thereal jobs. Do extensive research on any wfh job to find out if itis for real. Be wary of any that want money ( Full Answer )

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Work at home opportunities are definately not a scam, at least a great deal of them. Actually some can be really exciting and helpful with the household income.

Is Noble Solutions a scam?

Yes! This company changes it's name frequently in order to get job seekers in the door only to scam us and waste our time. Noble Solutions was once called Poloris, and after that they changed it to The Henry Group. You can Google either one of those companies to see what people had to say. Or jus ( Full Answer )

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Very little information can be found about a site and asite cannot be found. It appears that is a scam.