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Your Professional Liability insurance covers you for claims of loss made by your students in relation to the quality and competency of your teaching services. It does not provide coverage for bodily injury to a student, yourself nor an employee.

Workman's comp covers you and your employees for bodily injury you may incur in the course of your work. However, the law of States differ on the number of employees that a business must have in order for worker's compensation to be required.

They are two different kinds of coverage, if you have employees you need the workman's comp.

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Professional Liability Insurance Protects Against Disgruntled Clients?

Think of professional liability insurance not as insurance against your own malpractice, but as insurance against the malpractice your angry clients will claim. No matter how hard you work, whether you are a doctor, lawyer or other professional, there will be some clients that are unhappy with the results. Sometimes, this unhappiness causes them to look for malpractice, even when there is none. Professional liability insurance can help by quickly settling frivolous claims, and by protecting your reputation in court if necessary.

Small Business Insurance?

form_title=Small Business Insurance form_header=Small business insurance is necessary to protect your company. An insurance professional can help you identify the potential risks associated with your company and customize your policy to meet those needs. Type of insurance needed:= {(),Business Owners Policy,Business Auto Insurance,Business Property Insurance,Business Liability Insurance,Home Business Insurance,Workers' Compensation,Business Umbrella Liability,Professional Liability Insurance,Directors and Officers Liability,Business Identity Theft,Group Health Insurance,Business Life Insurance,Key Person Life Insurance,Agricultural Insurance,Product Liability Insurance,Personal Insurance,Not Sure} Number of Full Time Employees=_ Years In Business=_

How much auto insurance liability is necessary?

The limits vary by state. Where are you?

How is liability insurance handled in insurance?

In most cases, clients are handed over with the processes and legal documentation of getting an insurance from a company - providing the necessary information ,limits and scope of the client's insurance - which then includes liability insurance.

Who secures professional liability insurance for individuals in a company?

This really depends on the nature of your work and relations with your clients and companies. Generally if you are self employed working by contract you would obtain your own Professional Liability Insurance to cover any perceived risks. If you work in the employee of another company then the employer would provide coverage it deems necessary.

How can insurance liability be used against you?

Insurance liability is found in different scenarios, but for this example I will use Auto Insurance liability. Most automobile lenders require anyone with an auto loan to have insurance liability. This means if you cause an accident while operating your vehicle, you may be made liable to pay the costs of damages and medical bills. While insurance liability is a good thing to have, especially if you are the one who is the victim of an accident, it can also be a costly, though necessary thing to have.

What type of business insurance is necessary to protect a wedding planning business and the cost per year?

You should be looking for general liability and errors and ommission insurance.

Does a home based child care center need commercial liability insurance?

To become licensed child care center, you are required to have commercial liability insurance. However if becoming licensed is not your goal, commercial liability insurance is not necessary. You should consider increase your home owners insurance to protect you in the event of accident. Most insurance companies will provide you additional coverage for people wanting to do a start a home based day care.

When is it necessary to have events insurance Should I purchase this for my company?

Events insurance is insurance on a one-time event, such as a wedding. You'd be better off going with just regular business insurance or liability insurance for your company. You don't need events insurance for a company, just liability. Events insurance is more for things like concerts or special events that need one-time coverage.

Do you need supplemental liability insurance when you rent a car?

Your liability coverages should apply, if you feel you need more coverage when you are renting a car then when you are in your own car I would go ahead. Usually their insurance is not necessary, I would verify this with your agent though.

Do you need liability insurance for a nonprofit community social club with about 40 members that meets both around town and in a nursing home all-purpose room?

I doubt it but you should contact a local agent and discuss what risks there could be for your group, and if a policy is necessary.

Is liability insurance on property that is not being lived in necessary?

Yes. If anyone is injured on that property, even if there without permission, the owner may be held responsible.

What insurance does rudy giuliana have?

I would imagine he would carry whatever is reasonable and necessary. Life, DI, LTC, Health, Auto, Home, Liability, etc.

Who is legally responsible for carrying professional liability insurance coverage the employer or employee?

Neither, This is generally addressed in the terms of your employment. Sometimes the company will provide the coverage while other times The employee will. However, Most often, when working in the employ of another the employer will carry the necessary coverage.

What are some considerations of a business planning to get renters insurance?

Business renters insurance is a necessary expense if the building a company occupies is not owned. Some of the considerations a business must plan on are fire and theft, liability and "Acts of God".

What is business liability insurance?

Business Liability Insurance is typically sold as "General Liability" insurance to businesses in order to provide coverage for the day to day operations of the business. Depending upon the kind of business it is, there are different categories of liability insurance for businesses. For instance if a business manufactures, then Product Liability Insurance is necessary to cover claims against the business arising from the use of their products. If the business is a service business (i.e. Carpet Cleaning, Sales, Contracting or sub-contracting etc., etc.), usually a General Liability policy is sufficient. One thing to note with business liability insurance is the amount of coverage purchased. There are policy limits per incident as well as aggregate (combined) limits. The key issue is in purchasing enough insurance to cover any contingency without purchasing too much because the insurance company will only cover costs up to the limit of coverage. For special insurance needs, a piggy-back policy for business is often used. This type of business insurance is called an 'Umbrella Policy'. It is a policy that rides on top of an existing policy that offers specific coverages in excess of the original policy.

Does a contractor have to carry any type of liability insurance for their work?

Absolutely they have to. There are many reason for this. The first is it is required for the state to be licensed and let the state know you are a honest professional and have taken the required classes and have the necessary skills to get the job done. It also protects you and the client if something goes wrong it will be covered.

Do I need to carry Motorcycle insurance?

It may be necessary to carry motorcycle insurance if the state your vehicle is registered in requires it. In any case, it is probably worth the relatively small upfront cost to carry motorcycle insurance to avoid any expensive liability in the case of an accident.

How do you buy auto insurance without a licence or car?

A driver's license or a learner's permit is necessary in order to buy liability insurance. The insurer's underwriting of the risk is dependent upon some minimum showing of the ability of the applicant to operate the vehicle, and a license evidences that. It is not necessary to own a car in order to obtain liability coverage. Most insurers will sell a liability insurance product that is generically referred to as "non-owners coverage". This sort of policy is tied to the person who purchases it and provides liability coverage for him/her regardless of the vehicle being operated. Other kinds of auto insurance, such as collision and comprehensive coverage require that the person purchasing it have an "insurable interest" in the vehicle. This means that he/she has a financial stake in the continued existence/condition of the vehicle.

It is not necessary for a business to carry business insurance.?

It is not necessary for a business to carry business insurance.

How to become an insurance agent?

A four-year college education will be necessary for your new job as an insurance agent. Check your local community college for more information or look at some online colleges.

Why do I need health insurance?

Insurance of any sort, including health insurance, is a means of transferring the financial risk of an adverse occurrence, from the insured to an insurance company. By that definition, health insurance is necessary if one wishes to effect the transfer of financial liability for certain medical, hospital and arguably, prescription expenses from (an) individual/family to an insurer. All of that said, health insurance is not a necessary in the sense that food or water is. One can make a conscious choice to be uninsured and to be individually responsible for one's own medical expenses.

Is auto gap insurance necessary in Anchorage, AK?

Yes, auto gap insurance is necessary in Anchorage, AK

What type of insurance do you need when renting office space?

To rent office space it is advisable to have General Liability, Public Liability, Glass (if necessary), Fire and Perils, Theft and Business Interruption coverage. Your lease may specify other coverages required by the property owner. As to the liability coverages, the property owner will likely require that he/she/it be identified as an additional named insured.

Is liability insurance necessary for pony parties?

Yes, if you are planning to travel to a clients location or home you need to have liability insurance. Usually 1M is sufficient. I suggest you contact a pony company in your area and ask them for a reference. All reputable companies work together and do not mind sharing information. If you are uninsured and have an accident you risk loosing everything. While most back yard birthday parties don't ask for insurance, you will find that all parties that are held in a public park require proof of insurance. Expect to pay about $1,400 / year for insurance. Good luck!

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