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World war 3 is not about to start but we are at war with Iraq, Afghanistan ,and Iran.

Why would you think world war 3 is about to start?

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Q: Is world war 3 about to start?
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Who start the world war 3?

world war 3 hasn't yet

When did the third world war start?

There is no World War 3.

Will World War 3 start in 2020?


How did world war 3 start?

sergio burped

When did world war 3 start and end?

Today ...............

When world war 3 will start?

No one knows.

Who is most likely to start world war 3?


Should people start world war 3?


Who well start world war 3?


Can World war 3 happen in reallife?

If Russia and the United States start fighting with each other so yes, World war 3 can break out in reallife. In that war, there will be no winner so let's pray that World war 3 will never start.

Who is going to Start The World war 3?

Obama or Palin

Will Germany start World War 3?

no they won't you racist

Who was president at the start of world war 3?

There has not been a World War 3 ...

Will there be 3 world war?

With the way things around the World are going, there will unfortunately be a World War 3, and there's a good chance that North Korea will start it.

Is Russia going to start World War 3?

world war 3 how do we know that theres gonna be a world war 3 and we cant be sure that Russia is gonna start it can we lets just wait till the future and we can see then. we just dont know! Probably.

How long did world war 3 last for?

Didn't start yet.

Will there be such thing as world war 3?

no there will not be a chance if world war 3 is about to start but u never know...... and if it does happen then the world is doomed just like the Doctor Who series Doomsday!

When and why did World War 3 start?

Well, it has not happened yet. Hope it never does.

Will world war 3 start?

no because only usa and Iraq are at war and hopefully that won't spread all around the world

Is it possible for World War 3 to start if so where will it start and how will the conflict end?

A world War 3 is inevitable one day earths resources will run out and from that people will begin to fight for it such is human nature unfortunately

How did hitler start World War I?

European started the war

The start of World War 2?

On September 3, 1939 Britain and France declared war on Germany, marking the start of World War 2. Germany had just invaded Poland, an ally of France.

Did adolf Hitler start World War I?

Hitler did not start world war 1.

What was the official start of World War 2?

3 September 1939: France and Britain declared war on Germany

What 3 states admitted to the union between the end of the Civil War and the start of World War 1?