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Wrestling Fake?Here are answers and opinions from contributors:
  • In a way I think it is because of the storylines and how long a match is going to last. But it can also be real because if you fall off a ladder onto a floor it hurts even if it is padded and if someone picks you up and drops you to the mat on your back it's going to hurt.
  • Yes, Wrestling is fake - all matches are scripted months before hand by people they call "bookers." They decide who wins the match and who is the face (good guy) and Hell (bad guy). When wrestlers bleed they do it by blading themselves (cutting themselves with a small razor blade). It has also been known for wrestlers to take aspirin before a match to thin the blood therefore giving the effect of a bigger wound. Though wrestling is fake I still enjoy it i don't think its such a big deal really i mean all movies are fake nobody denies that so why should anyone have a problem with wrestling being fake. trust me if it wasn't we would just have guys with broken necks and arms.
  • It is fake in most ways. It has to be. Professional Wrestlers have a tough job: they have to be athletes, acrobats, stunt-men, actors (of a sort), and have the ability to heal up from injuries quickly, or be able to hide those injuries from the crowd. It takes a long time to learn how to be a pro wrestler. How to land punches, how to telegraph, the way you slam your foot when you 'hit' your opponent, so that it sounds like you did something; how to fall, how to properly execute wrestling moves and make them look real, and all of that sort of thing. If you or I tried to perform (for example) a "piledriver", we'd break someone's neck! You have to hold the man higher than your knees, so that the force of the drop is on your knees, and not on his head. However, sometimes things go wrong. People get hurt, or get very angry, or even go into a steroid rage, and people *do* get hurt, sometimes badly. Then, it IS for real. But you would have a hard time spotting such an occurrence (especially on a TV broadcast), other than the individual who "lost" it might find his contract voided, and no longer allowed to wrestle in the syndicate or federation you're familiar with them in. The act of "juicing" (or making small cuts on one's forehead) does still occur, but in these days of AIDS, it does not occur as often as it used to, and the individuals are routinely tested for blood-borne diseases such as AIDS and Hepatitis Type 3.
  • Yes MOST everything is fake. Everything is scripted unless there is a shoot (real fight), but there hasn't been one of those since the days of 'Classy' Freddie Blassie. Of course, you can't really fake a fall from a top of a cage into an announcer's table (Mick 'Mankind' Foley) or a chokeslam onto thumbtacks. Plus, there is more padding on the floor than there is in the ring. The ring is just plywood, carpeting, the canvas and some support. Since the Hell in a Cell with Mankind and the Undertaker, the ring has become safer and will absorb the falls better. In the schools, they teach you moves, obviously. But they also tell you how to do a promo and how to take falls. For years up until 1980, people called wrestling fake. But when McMahon started calling it sports-entertainment, now they call it dangerous. All in all, wrestling is as fake as it can get with still seeming real.
  • I have been wrestling on the Independent circuit for 2 years now, I will admit that the outcome is predetermined, but its not as fake as every one thinks, we don't know our matches months in advance and practice. we normally find out our matches the day of or the week before the show. And we rarely talk things over before we wrestle, we just go out there and do our thing. I have countless injuries from wrestling. You also have 3 types of hitters in wrestling, Light hitters that make little or no contact. Snug hitters that make contact and a decent amount but doesn't hurt that much, then stiff hitters that just beat the hell out of you. In todays age of wrestler there are very few light hitters, I'm a snug/stiff hitter. I don't go out there to kill any one, but i make it know that I'm hitting them. they can feel every thing...chops are full blown with as much force as you can get behind them, so are forearm shots to the back. clothes lines are also done very hard. The ring hurts, sometimes concrete is softer than the rings. the ropes in most places are steel cable wrapped in a garden hose, and most times the padding in the ring is a layer of carpet. People like to call wrestling fake, but i have been in the ring with Former marines and army men that cant handle a day of wrestling training. It takes more to be a wrestler than what most people realize. They also don't realize that Professional wrestling is a source of income. I don't come to your work and throw rocks and you while your mowing the yards, so don't come to a show and call me a fake or a phony.
  • Wrestling is what it says it is, Sports Entertainment. It's not real in terms of storyline, or in the competition (ie you win cos you're scripted to win not cos you beat the guy), BUT it's as real as you can get athletically. I am so impressed by the athletes in wrestling. If people knew how hard it is, they wouldn't take the piss. Just check out something like Jeff Hardy Swantoning off the top of a cage. Without perfect technique, you're dead, period! These guys are amazing, and deserve major respect. Also, I'm an actor, and although there could do with much improvement in the acting in the storyline sections, the in-ring acting is incredible.
  • Wrestling is real. I have noticed that all the hits look very fake, but when they show it at a different angle you see that they do connect! o.k., many things such as people bumping into each other and arguing about it, or news of people being stabbed or hurt by another wrestler is just part of the storyline. that's fake and scripted., but the in ring action is 100% authentic. A lot of it may look fake but all is real. there are very few scripted matches. I'll admit that. but don't listen to people who say fake fake fake, because just because there is a little acting and fake matches doesn't change the fact that it is real!
  • Yes, wrestling is fake. I still like wrestling, but it's fake! If you don't believe me, go to Barnes and Noble to buy the book Sex, Lies, and Headlocks. Or just go to your library and borrow it. It talks about everything that has happened in the WWE up to the nWo in the WWE. It talks about Owen Hart's death. It talks about the Monday night wars. And, yes it talks about the script over the years and certain famous matches that were scripted. It also talks about the Steroid case in I think it was 1994 in which the US government brought the WWE to court for suspected use of steroids. It's because of that that any smart person would know that THE WRESTLERS DON'T TAKE STEROIDS. I REPEAT, THE WRESTLERS OF THE WWE ARE NOT ON STEROIDS! So stop saying that they are all just steroid addicts because there not. Anyway, wrestling is fake and that book proves it. And before you say that that book is just some uninformed liberal media nonsense, because it is an official book about wrestling. In fact, Vince and Linda McMahon approved it! So that's your answer, and anyone who thinks that it still is, well then read the book.
  • Wrestling is almost all real. Yes it almost all is. After watching a lot of wrestling movies and looking close up on Raw the moves do connect at full blast MOST (not all) most of them all do. And moves like ankle lock and sharpshooter DO HURT. I've been practicing. So they don't know what (no offense) they're talking about when they say it's a fake move and it can't hurt. When they say they have powers it's just fireworks(real ones they can burn you), light affects and etc. But when it happens it's real. When a lightning bolt from the arena catches a man on fire it's real fire but not a lightning bolt it's a firework. The fire stuff in WWE is real. I'm a huge WWE Stone Cold fan. I've been going back and forth over and over saying it's real, it's fake, it's both real and fake in that cycle. But the real truth is most of wrestling is real.
  • Wrestling is of course fake. All wrestlers would be dead by now because they have taken so much damage. It cannot possibly be real as people would die every week from the wwe, tna and whatever other fed u want. Punches are faked by lightly hitting the person's head, and pulling away quickly. Kicks are much the same. Ground moves, you just try to make as little contact as possible, absorbing your weight to another part of the body. The ring is plywood on springs with canvas spread over the top. The ring is fairly soft - I KNOW BECAUSE IVE BEEN IN ONE MANY TIMES - so you can trust me there. Microphones are under the ring making sure that the moves sound bigger than they really are.
  • Yes, but on some occasions, accidents happen, because if you watched Summerslam 2000, Triple H was scheduled to pedigree Kurt Angle through the announcers table, but as Triple H was about to do the Pedigree, the table budged and went through, it didn't mean to happen.
  • I've wrestled in small organizations (mostly lost my matches, record under 50% lol) but wrestling is fake is this perspective: The outcome of the match is pre-determined, you knows who will win. But, wrestling is real because the wrestlers decide what they are going to do in their match, they just have to compromise w/ each other on how they do it. By the final minute of the match, the referee will give some signal letting you know the time allowed for the match is almost up so you have to wrap it up (the ref will usually whisper when you are on the mat or make a small hand gesture while you are down, that's also a reason why they have on a headset, because the producer lets them know that they've almost reached the time limit.
  • The storylines are made up stories between the wrestlers and the gimmicks which are the wrestler's personality is also fake and are made up by creative writers in WWE. Although a lot will disagree but here is the truth behind wrestling, the whole on-screen fighting is real and in most matches wrestlers try to beat up each other to win (but still in few matches the winner is predetermined). While the whole bleeding is 100% real if one of the wrestlers wasn't capable to make his opponent bleed, hidden blades are used. I was in Ohio Valley Pro Wrestling a whole season and we tried our best defeating each other but backstage we stay whole day practicing our maneuvers and moves (also the finisher) if anyone has done a move in such a wrong way he could get seriously injured. I repeat to all people around the world wrestling inside ring is real and most matches these days are not predetermined with the winner, especially championship matches.
  • Wrestling is just a great show like a never-ending soap Opera on TV. But some things do really hurt and lots of the injuries are real, but normally hitting and kicking is just faked. It is a Show, but for sure a great one. But that doesn't at all mean it's not sports, cause a wrestler must train Hours a day to become that strong/Quick and to manage doing the stunts!
  • The WWE is very fake when it comes to storylines. The actual wrestling is fake to an extent. But some of the stunts done by the wrestlers are real. They are entertainers and are out there to entertain the crowd so they take leaps off ladders, cages, platforms, and the likes. Some moves I'm sure hurt too such as the clothesline from hell done by JBL. But the wrestlers train for months and learn how to take the pain and how to fall and such so it doesn't hurt so bad. As for the bleeding they are self inflicted wounds covered by makeup. So when someone gets hit in the head with a chair they will bleed easier to make it look like a hard hit. But there have been people that have been injured doing stunts so the tragedies are very real and should only be done by a professional.
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Q: Is wrestling fake in any way?
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