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College Applications and Entrance Requirements

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Q: Is writing the lsat hard
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What books will help me to prepare for the LSAT?

The LSATs are very difficult so you are right to want to study hard for them. These are some books that might help you do just that: Master the LSAT, Ace the LSAT, and LSAT explained. Good luck on the test!

How hard is the LSAT?

The LSAT is very difficult, but it is manageable. The reason for its difficulty is that formal education does not teach you how to answer the questions on the LSAT. The LSAT is intended to test the logical reasoning and writing skills of the test taker. I recommend spending significant amounts of time preparing for the test using Prep Test Courses. These courses will assist you in answering the types of questions normally asked on the LSAT. Remember, the LSAT, like the entirety of Law School, is a competition. Any advantage you can give yourself, to give you an edge over the competition is completely advisable. I promise, your competition will be taking these courses.See, also, the "related questions," below.

Is it realistic to go from 145 to 170 on the lsat?

Yes, it is realistic to go from 145 to 170 on the LSAT. If you have a set goal and study hard, and do the practice test then anything is achievable.

What are some of the topics on the LSAT forum?

The topics that are on the "LSAT" forum are "Schools to go to" and "LSAT grading". These two subjects are the most popular and most used topics on the "LSAT" forum.

If you have an LSAT score of 152 and a GPA of 3.85 which law school will accept you?

Check law school rankings, which will show you the 25-75% range for a particular school. I'd work on getting that LSAT score up, though. A 3.85 GPA generally correlates with a higher LSAT score. None that will actually get you a job as a lawyer when you graduate. Unless you want to go to law school for fun, study hard and retake the LSAT.

Where can one get a LSAT study guide?

One can get LSAT study guide on a number of websites. Powerscore, LSAT-Blog, and Wikibooks are few examples of online pages where one can get a LSAT study guide.

Is the law school admissions test really hard?

The LSAT is an aptitude test. It is not designed to test your knowledge. It is designed to test your reasoning skills. While studying for the LSAT is not possible, practising for it is. Several books are available containing sample LSAT tests. Obtain as many as you can and get the feel of the questions. If at all possible, spend several months preparing for the LSAT. When I prepared for the LSAT many years ago, my strategy was first to concentrate on understanding the questions and getting the right answers. Only then did I focus on timing. Yes, the LSAT is very hard. Its purpose is to weed out the vast majority who want to become lawyers but would never make it through law school. Many otherwise very intelligent people have not done well on the LSAT simply because their reasoning skills are not compatible with those required for law. Avoid all intoxicating substances for several days, and get a good night's sleep for several nights, before you write the LSAT.

Where can I find LSAT prep courses to be given to people that are looking into taking the LSAT?

LSAT preparation courses are offered at any school that offers the LSAT, but as for convenience, you can take online courses at sites such as

How can you improve your lsat score?

There are many organizations that provide LSAT prep classes. Study the LSAT books and take practice exams.

What can a lsat of a 129 do for you?

A LSAT score of 129 will allow you to possibly be admitted into a tier 3 law school. The average LSAT score is 150.

What is a passing score for LSAT?

A passing score for the LSAT is anywhere from a 120 to 180. The LSAT is test that one must take in order to go to law school.

Where can I find lsat prep classes online?

The best place to take LSAT prep courses or to learn information about the LSAT in general is at This is the official website for the LSAT and includes many resources.

How much does LSAT cost?

It's $165 to register to take the LSAT.

What is Barack Obama's LSAT score?

LSAT scores are not a matter of public record.

What is actual writing?

well writing do you expect someone to explain it its hard!

Take LSAT Practice Exams For The Best Results?

Anyone who is interested in attending law school to pursue a Juris Doctor will have to sit for the LSAT. The LSAT is a prerequisite and a college or graduate degree are prerequisites.Students Who Take The LSAT Test Can Apply to Any Law SchoolWhen applying to law schools, applicants will need to send their LSAT scores to all of the law schools they are applying to. Students must send transcripts from the college or university where they attained their degree or degrees, along with a personal statement and their LSAT grade. Although students' LSAT grades are required, schools evaluate students' as a whole when determining whether to admit a student into their school.To Pass The LSAT Students Should Take Many LSAT Practice ExamsStudents who take LSAT practice exams usually do very well on the LSAT exam. Although the questions are always different, taking the time to complete LSAT practice exams helps students learn and perfect all of the various test taking methods. When taking the LSAT, students have a very short time to read and answer questions correctly. By taking LSAT practice exams, students can perfect all of their test taking methods.Students With Any Type of Degree Can Sit For the LSATNo matter what type of undergraduate or graduate degree a student has, anyone can take the LSAT exam. This exam is open to students with different educational backgrounds. Even students with engineering degrees, can sit for the LSAT anytime they want. Whether a student has a background in pre-law or not, it is important that students take as many LSAT practice exams under exam conditions before taking the LSAT.Students Can Retake the LSATStudents who do not perform well on the LSAT can retake the LSAT if they like. However, students who retake the LSAT must disclose that information to law schools they are interested in applying to. Students with low scores will need to disclose those low scores to law schools even if they do better on the LSAT in the future. This is because LSAT administrators always send a full transcript of LSAT scores to law schools.Anyone who is planning on applying to law school must take and pass the LSAT. Students who do not take and pass the LSAT will not be admitted to an accredited law school.

How do you get a copy of the LSAT before the exam?

For the LSAT you can't get the actual exam but you can get previous exams and answers. There is a series called theThe Next 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests (Lsat Series)The PowerScore Bibles are your best test preparation guides. You can find a suggested guide on how to prepare for the LSAT and the Next 10 LSAT tests at the links below.

What are my chances for Harvard or Yale or Stanford law school with a 4.0 UGPA at LSU and a 170 LSAT if I am a white male with no sob story?

For Harvard: your UGPA is great and your LSAT might get you in. The needed GPA is at least 3.74 and the needed LSAT was 170. For Stanford: your UGPA is great and your LSAT is good enough. The needed GPA was at least 3.87 and the needed LSAT was 170 For Yale: your UGPA is great but your LSAT wasn't good enough. The needed GPA was 3.5 and the needed LSAT was at least 171. There might be a chance.

Why was Chinese writing hard to learn?

Chinese writing was hard to learn because you were probably unfamiliar to it. There also is no alphabet making it hard to memorize.

Where can I take an LSAT Practice Test online?

There are several sites that provide LSAT Practice Tests. Some of them provide study guides to work on before you do the practice tests, as well. Here is one site:

What does it mean to take a lsat practice test?

The LSAT is a standardized test to get into law schools. A Practice LSAT test is not the real exam, but a test that helps one prepare for the actual test.

What is the best online website for Isat preparation? seems to be the best online website for lsat preparation because it provides questions and answers essential for preparations such that of the lsat.

What Law schools do not require the lsat?

Massachusetts School of Law in Andover, MA does not require the LSAT.

Is there a website that will list LSAT prep classes that are available online?

You can find online preparations for the LSAT at They also offer classroom options if that works better for you. You can also try

Where can I inquire about LSAT courses?

The LSAT or the Law School Admissions Test is an admissions test that is required by many law schools and programs. Companies such as,, and others offer LSAT prep courses. Some people also prefer to use LSAT preparation books which are cheaper.