Is xy chromosome male or female?

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Among vertebrates an animal carrying XY as its sex chromosomes is biologically a male. (I include "biologically" to avoid the topic of human transgenders.)

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Q: Is xy chromosome male or female?
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What is the chromosome pair for a female and male?

The chromosome pair that makes a female is XX and for a male, XY.

Does a male have an X chromosome or a Y chromosome?

a male has to have the pair XY. female has XX

Does the male or female pass colorblindess to the offspring?

It is on the X Chromosome (male have XY chromosome Females have XX Chromosome)

Xx chromosome is male or female?

XX chromosome pairs represent the female species XY chromosome pairs represent the male species

What is the gender when X-chromosome combine with Y-chromosome?

XY = Male XX = Female

What does XY mean?

It is referring to the male chromosome whereas the the female gender chromosome is XX.

The Y chromosome in human males?

male: XY female: XX

What are the correct designation of the paired sex chromosomes?

the male chromosome is XY the female chromosome is XX

What do the genetic codes xx and xy mean?

xx and xy are the chromosomes of the male and female body. the female has xx chromosome and the male has xy chromosomes the sex determination chromosomes

Difference in number of male female chromosome?

THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE NUMBER OF MALE AND FEMALE CHROMOSOMES! the only difference is between chromosome #23: XY is male. XX is female.

What would happen if a male contributes a y chromosome?

If a male contributes a Y chromosome a female can only contribute an X chromosome (unless we go into medical uniquneness). This would result in making XY chromosome. XY chromosome would be a male.

Why do males always receive their mother's x chromosome?

Because a female doesn't have a y chromosome. xx female xy male

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