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The slope is ' 5 ', so both lines MUST be parallel.

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Yes, they're parallel lines. Both slopes are 2.

are intersecting lines never parallel YES intersecting lines do not have the ability to be parallel

yes it has 2 parallel lines

Yes a trapezoid has parallel lines

Yes they are. They are parallel to the equator.

Yes. Parallel Lines are also two coplanar lines that do not intersect.

Yes it does, it has a pair of parallel lines at its base.

If they have the same slope or gradient of 2 but different y intercepts then they are parallel. You have not given enough information for a yes or no answer.

Perpendicular: No Parallel: Yes, two pairs.

Yes, they do have parallel lines. * * * * * Only rhombuses do, kites do not.

yes. the two vertical lines. for example the ll in parallel is parallel...thats how i remember.

Yes. The top and bottom lines of a trapezoid are parallel.

Yes, parallel lines have different intercepts

if they are parallel -- no. if not parallel -- yes

Yes opposite lines are parallel

Yes and it also has intersecting lines

That sounds to us like a very likely "yes" .

If it is Parallel then no if there not parallel then yes.

Yes, a regular hexagon has 3 pairs of parallel lines. The opposite sides are parallel.

Yes a Rhombus has two pairs of parallel sides.

Yes, because opposite sides of a square are parallel lines

Strictly speaking, the answer is no. There is an implicit assumption that parallel lines refer to straight lines and, since there are no straight lines in a rainbow, there cannot be any parallel lines. The lines are concentric and so they never meet.

Yes a rectangle is parallel because it has lines that are the same so they always will be parallel.

Yes. A rhoumbus does have parellel lines

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