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Yes it is.

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Q: Is you a personal pronoun?
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Is me a relative pronoun or a personal pronoun?

Me is personal pronoun

Is them a possessive pronoun or personal pronoun?

The pronoun 'them' is a personal pronoun, the third person plural pronoun.

Is a subject pronoun a personal pronoun?

Yes, a subjective pronoun is a type of personal pronoun. A personal pronoun replaces the names of people + things. Subjective and Objective pronoun both belongs in the personal pronoun category.

Is she a personal pronoun?

She is a personal pronoun. Personal pronouns include he/she/you/it/they/we.

Is she is a personal pronoun?

Yes , it is a personal pronoun.

What pronoun is a third personal pronoun?

I'm not sure what you mean by a 'third personal pronoun'; the third person, personal pronounsare he, him, she, her, it, they, or them.

Is mine a personal pronoun?

Yes. To be precise, it is a possessive personal pronoun.

What are the personal pronoun and the possessive pronoun in Does she have the stamina to climb to the top of the cathedral tower?

There is only one pronoun in the sentence: she. It is a personal pronoun.

What does pronoun 'I' replace?

The personal pronoun "I" takes the place of a singular noun or name for the person speaking. The personal pronoun "I" is the subjective form. The corresponding objective personal pronoun is "me".

Is whoever a personal pronoun?

It is a relative pronoun, and an interrogative pronoun.

How many pronouns are there in this sentence They stared in amazement at him as he admitted that he had forgotten it?

There are 6 pronouns in the sentence:they, personal pronoun, subject of the sentence;him, personal pronoun, object of the preposition 'at';he, personal pronoun, subject of the verb 'admitted';that, relative pronoun, introduces the relative clause;he, personal pronoun, subject of the relative clause;it, personal pronoun, direct object of the verb 'had forgotten'.

What is the pronoun Plural of i?

The plural form for the personal pronoun 'I' is we.

Is the word she a noun or pronoun?

A personal pronoun.

What part of speech is me?

'Me' is a pronoun. Specifically, it is a personal pronoun.

What kind of pronoun is them?

The pronoun 'them' is the third person, plural, objective, personal pronoun.

Is you a noun or pronoun?

It is a pronoun. More specifically, it is the second-person personal pronoun.

Is we singular or plural?

The pronoun 'we' is the plural form, first person subjective personal pronoun. The singular, first person subjective personal pronoun is 'I'.

Is her a subject pronoun object pronoun or possessive pronoun?

The pronoun 'her' is an objective personal pronoun and a possessive adjective. Examples:objective personal pronoun: She is my study partner. I will see her this afternoon.possessive adjective: I'm going to her house to do my homework.

Is we a possessive pronoun?

We is not a possessive pronoun. It is a personal pronoun. Instead when the subject is 'we' the possessive pronoun you should be using is 'our'.

What are the eight types of pronouns?

These are the eight types of pronouns: I, you, he, she, it, we you, and they

Is we an object pronoun or a subject pronoun?

The personal pronoun 'we' is a subject pronoun which functions as the subject of a sentence or a clause.The corresponding object personal pronoun is 'us'.Example: We can finish this job if both of us work together.

What is a pronoun of a third-person personal pronoun?

The third person (the one spoken about) personal pronouns are: he, she, it, him, her, they, them.

Is those a personal pronoun?

No, those is not a personal pronoun. Those is a demonstrative pronoun.The demonstrative pronouns are this, that, these, and those.Example sentence: Those are the best cookies.

Is your a personal pronoun in what is your name?

No, the pronoun 'your' is a possessive adjective, a pronoun placed before a noun to describe that noun.A personal pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun for a specific person or thing.The corresponding personal pronoun to the possessive adjective 'your' is 'you', which takes the place of the noun (name) for the person spoken to.

Identify the type of pronoun used in the sentence We certainly hope the plane is not late.?