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It is a sentence fragment

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How many visitors visit the mall of America yearly?

According to the Mall of America's web site, 40 million visitors each year visit the Mall of America

How can you use mall in a sentence?

I hope the mall is finished soon. The mall will have a pet store.

What is the formula to write a complete sentence?

(noun) (verb), (noun) (adjective) (verb); There's tons of different ways to organize a single sentence. As a long as you have a complete subject and a complete predicate, it should be a sentence. Something as simple as "she left." is a complete sentence because it has a subject and a verb. Not all sentences have to be detailed. A more in-depth sentence is "Barbara decided to leave for the mall after dinner, because she had other things to during the day."

Where can you visit Santa?

you could visit Santa at the any mall or walmart

What stores should you visit in your birthday?

If it's your birthday, visit the mall!

Is the sentence Terry and Rowena met Craig at the mall a prepositional phrase?

"At the mall" is the prepositional phrase, not the entire sentence.

How do you use tip sentence in a sentence?

She gave her a tip at the mall for

Interesting places to visit in Minnesota?

An Interesting place to visit in Minnesota is Mall of America

Why do people visit Minnesota?

because of mall of america

What do you visit the mall most often for?

Majority of people go to the mall to shop, eat, or watch a movie.

A sentence with ramble?

He was rambling through the mall.

Where is the subject in the sentence - is it too late to go to the mall?

The subject in the given sentence is "it", which has the infinitive phrase "to go to the mall" as its further definition/explication.

Hi all.... Traveling to Dubai next week.... where can find information on shopping deals in Dubai?

Dubai Is The Best Place To Visit...And To shop.. wwww.cityshoppingdubai.com/ - www.cityshoppingdubai.com/ -Have Fun In Dubai...Btw these Are The Malls To Visit In DubaiMall Of The EmiratesCity CenterMercato MallDubai MallIbn Batuta MallDubai Outlet MallReef MallLamcy Plaza....

Can you start a sentence with the word us?

No, "us" is a pronoun and is typically the object of a sentence, not the subject of a sentence. Wrong: "Us went to the mall." Right: "We went to the mall." "Sally and I went to the mall." Wrong: "Us cheered the football players." Right: "We cheered the football players."

How do you correct this sentence - fay carol and gene they went to the mall with there mother?

Here is the sentence with the corrections: Fay, Carol and Gene went to the mall with their mother.

Where in the Malcha Mall in Jerusalem is there a shop that sells buttons?

The Malha Mall in Jerusalem has dozens of stores, and many of them carry buttons. I suggest you visit the mall to find what you need.

They watch you at the mall which word is a preposition?

At is the preposition in that sentence.

When do you us my sister and i in a sentence?

my sister and i went to the mall.

What is a sentence for pretzel?

We went to the mall and bought a pretzel.

How do you use superstar in a sentence?

i saw a superstar at the mall

How many feet are in a mall?

It will vary from mall to mall. For a specific square ft. amount I would visit the WIKIPEDIA and search largest shopping malls and it will give you the exact figures.

Does mall supposed to be capitalized in a sentence?

Not necessarily. The example, "If you're going to the mall, call me first." does not require mall to be capitalized. But the example, "Let's go to the Riverbend Mall." would require capitalization.

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