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Q: Is your 1994 copyright Warner Brothers animaniacs lithograph signed by the voice actors valuable?
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Is a limited edition lithograph by Dali valuable?

Yes it is, especially if it is signed and numbered by Dali. One of the factors to consider is how large the Edition is, the smaller the number of prints in the " limited edition " the more valuable a print will be. Also bear in mind that the first 11 and the last 11 will be more valuable than any numbers in between.

Where is M.C. Escher's lithograph 'Hand with Reflection Sphere'?

Lithography is a method for printing many copies of a picture. So the picture you ask about exists in many places. There is the original print, which is very valuable, and the original impression.

Are Parker brothers surgical knives valuable?

yes some are worth millions of dollars

How do you copyright a poem?

Unofficially (and for just the cost of postage) you can copyright anything by putting it in a envelope, addressing it to yourself, apply postage, and send it through the mail. The next day when you receive it, DO NOT OPEN IT! It will have a post mark on it PROVING you wrote it on or before the postmark. In many countries a creative work is protected by copyright from the moment it is first written down. In the United States, this is also true, but you will need to register your copyright before you can effectively enforce it. In fact, there are other valuable reasons to register it immediately after you first publish it. There are simple forms to file and moderate fees involved, so you should consider registration for any valuable works. Sending yourself a copy in the mail (unlike registration) does not notify the world of your ownership so that people can contact you for a distribution license or commission additional works. :-)

What are examples of similes for something valuable?

As valuable as children, as valuable as life, as valuable as light, as valuable as water, as valuable as money, as valuable as diamonds

Are patents and copyright an example of intangible assets?

Yes, they are intangible but valuable property rights. Other similar rights include trademarks, trade names, trade secrets, and possibly domain name registrations.

What is The New Century Dictionary copyright 1927 worth?

Probably absolutely nothing unless you have a first edition in pristine, mint condition without any damage, fading, mildew, etc. Dictionaries are widely bought objects and are not particularly valuable.

Where can you find information about a picture that says copyright 1902 the Ullmann Manufacturing Company?

The Ullmann Manufacturing Company was a lithographic business around the turn of the 20th century. It mass produced much of its product so it is not particularly rare or valuable.

Are Parker brothers knives valuable?

are Parker bros knives valuable Answer: Not a unique knife maker. They mostly imported knifes from Japan in the 70's to mid 80's. They made a nice, well made product. Useful and hardy tools. But not truly collector knifes. But, who knows in a hundred years? (I have five or six laying around. Be nice if they become valuable!) But not in our lifetime.

How much would it cost to copyright a new computer software application?

In the United States, copyright protection is automatically applied to any creative work, including software, when it is created... It costs nothing. If you write a poem on a napkin while you're eating lunch, it's copyright protected automatically.There are numerous services that offer additional copyright services that provide some enhancement, primarily in the form of proofs and protections. These proofs and protections can include notarized or published accounts of ownership and date of creation, and, in some cases, even services that actively seek violators. While many people find these services valuable, they are notrequired for copyright protection to apply.The costs of these services vary widely.

What is the comparative and superlative valuable?

more valuable, most valuable

What is the comparative and superlative for valuable?

more valuable, most valuable

When to Call In Your Copyright Attorneys?

Copyright is a protective legal option given to the originators of certain intangible works and creative expressions. Call your copyright attorneys when you want to protect your own web design, recordings, artwork, literary works and other intangible, valuable creative works. The scope of what can be copyrighted is vast, including visual design, logos, trademarks, performing art, trade secrets, processes and other intangible assets like software programs and screen displays. Getting a copyright involves detailed research and filing of properly executed legal documents. Copyright attorneys are experts at obtaining copyrights for their clients. They have experience with the complex copyright laws in this country and globally. It is important to obtain licensed professional legal advice for gaining copyrights effectively. Time is of the essence, and your copyright lawyers know all about copyright deadlines and filing procedures. A registered copyright is granted to an originator for a certain period of time that may vary by country. There also are some global agreements between foreign countries that help protect ideation and copyrights. This is important in the modern era of Internet use, as works are so easily copied and reproduced. The main reason for obtaining copyright registration is to protect the creator’s right to financial gain from their intangible intellectual work. Items that are intellectual property are usually intangible and can be easily copied by others. If an item holds an official copyright, there are legal ways to enforce those rights and receive compensation for copyright infringement. That would be another situation when a copyright holder would want to bring in their copyright attorneys. The time to consult with your copyright attorneys would be as soon as your idea or creative work is expressed or put forward publicly. The copyright registration will act as proof of verification of the date of creation. It also notifies anyone else that you have exclusive rights to the creative work. A copyright may last from 70 to 120 years, depending on circumstances of use. Copyrights can be bought and sold, leased, licensed or otherwise subcontracted out for others to use legally. The major reason and benefit to having a copyright is that you retain rights to any monetary gain that is accrued from use of your intellectual work. Copyrights may be renewed and government fees for copyright services are not great in the United States. Fees for most copyright needs vary from $30 to $220. Consult your copyright attorneys to stay abreast of recurring deadlines for copyright renewals.

What are the characteristics of valuable information?

Characteristics of Valuable Information7AccurateCompleteEconomicalFlexibleRelevantSimpleTimelyVerifiable

What are comparative and superlative adjectives for valuable?

more valuable, most valuable

Comparative or superlative form of the valuable?

more valuable, most valuable

What is the comparative form of the adjective valuable?

more valuable

How valuable are sapphires?

Very valuable. In fact they are one of the most valuable!

How valuable are real numbers?

quite valuable. quite valuable indeed.

A sentence with valuable?

The wedding ring was valuable. Max broke mum's valuable vase. The delicacy was elegant, but also valuable.

Difference between valuable and invaluable?

The difference between something being valuable and being not valuable is that valuable things are worth something. Not valuable things are not worth anything or are of little value.

List the most valuable stone to least most valuable?

Most valuable: Diamond Least valuable: Gravel

Is magnesium valuable?

Yes it is valuable.

How valuable is mica?

Not very Valuable.

How valuable are crystals?

Very valuable