Is your Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement valid if all the signatures are not originals?

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In Georgia is tenancy by the entirety a valid method of holding property?

Answer . \nNo.\n. \nCommunity property states: Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington State, Wisconsin. \n. \nWisconsin is not considered a "true" CP state as it defines marital debts differently than do the other eight CP states.

All contracts are agreements but all agreements are not contracts. Explain this statement and also give essential elements of a valid contract?

All contracts are agreements, but all agreement are not contractsAnswer; A contract is a legally binding agreement orrelationship that exists between two or more parties to do orabstain from performing certain acts. A contract can also bedefined as a legally binding exchange of promises between tw ( Full Answer )

What is assured tenancy?

In the UK, an assured tenancy is the usual form of letting if: . · you are a private landlord and your tenant is a private tenant; . · the tenancy began on or after 15 January 1989; . · the house or flat is let as separate accommodation and is the tenant's main home.

What is a tenancy at will?

In a tenancy at will a tenant occupies property with the consent of the owner and pays rent but without a formal, signed lease agreement. It can be terminated by either party with due notice given to the other party according to the state law requirements, usually thirty days.

Is a copy of a will lacking the signature of the person its for but having witness signatures valid in probate court?

That document in that form is not valid as a will; however, don't give up yet just because of that. There is an outside chance that it could be admitted to probate under the lost will theory. You must see a probate lawyer on this one and find out about the specific laws in that state regarding lost ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a signed Beatles album from 1963 which is the original LP Please Please Me with all four signatures fully authenticated by a forensic group?

im pretty sure over a $500 maybe even a $1000 considering that 2 of them are dead. $1000 is probly a small amount if they were cheap just keep asking for more till they wont go any higher if they wont go more than $500 than treathen to rip the thing if it's really that authentice they'll rise. ) ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the word signature?

It dates from 1534 where it was a kind of document in Scottish law, from signature signatura "sign," in classical Latin, it meant "the matrix of a seal," from signatus, past tense of signare "to mark, sign" meaning "one's own name written in one's own hand" is from 1580, replacing sign-manual (1428) ( Full Answer )

An agreement to agree is a valid contract?

Agreements to agree An "agreement to agree" is not a contract. This type of agreement is frequently employed in industries that require long-term contracts in order to ensure a constant source of supplies and outlet of production. Mutual manifestations of assent that are, in themselves, sufficient ( Full Answer )

Can a tenancy agreement be void if the dates are incorrect?

Generally not. Such a simple error would be considered a scrivener's error, and not be grounds to void the agreement (in most states). Some states have statutes of frauds which require that certain information be correct regardless of any theories of error. See the Related Links below.

Can a landlord remove somebody without a tenancy agreement?

Can a landlord remove somebody without a tenancy agreement? Sure!!. A tenancy agreement, however, doesn't have to be written. As long as the landlord accepts money from a tenant for the right to live on the property or unit, the tenancy agreement exists. If the landlord wants to terminate the tenan ( Full Answer )

How valid is a legal document without a signature?

Depends on whether either party has signed it. The document may be used as evidence of an agreement that was attempting to be finalized even if neither party has signed it. If only one side has signed it, it can be used to enforce the agreement against the party that did sign it. If work had alre ( Full Answer )

How to get out of Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement?

Me and my girlfriend have recently started renting a property under an assured shorthold tenancy agreement for a fixed period of 12 months. . Since moving in my girlfriends health has deteriated which can be confirmed by her doctor. (her health deteriation is due to the condition of the flat) which ( Full Answer )

What does the rental tenancy agreement do?

Ideally, do not blindly prepare your rental agreement from a format because you have to customise it to suit your specific requirements. Additionally, depending on the duration and the value of the property, different stamp duties will be payable. It is best if you visit a lawyer to prepare a rental ( Full Answer )

How do you overcome a signature copied fraudulently in a sales agreement?

If you are challenging the signature as valid - tell them to produce the ORIGINAL document that contains your ORIGINAL signature. If they cannot, or will not, you will be able to walk away. Reproduced signatures are not legal for enforcing contracts or agreements. The holder of the the original pape ( Full Answer )

Is friendly verbal agreement valid in court?

Depends upon the jurisdiction, but in most English speaking countries, a verbal agreement will be enforceable provided both parties "intended to create legal relations". The test is an objective one - would an outsider hearing the verbal agreement take the view that the parties intended to be formal ( Full Answer )

If a trust agreement is created and you cannot find the original document is the trust valid with the signed but not notarized copies?

You have a problem if the original trustor is deceased and the trust was used to remove property from their estate, especially if the trust holds real estate or valuable personal property such as insurance policies, investment accounts and bank accounts. You may need to bring the matter to court and ( Full Answer )

Where did schengen agreement originated?

The Schengen Agreement is named after the village of Schengen in Luxembourg, on the border with both France and Germany. This is where the original agreement was signed. Schengen is a village in Luxembourg, on the border with both France and Germany. The original Schengen Agreement was signed ther ( Full Answer )

Is an email formal notice of ending a tenancy agreement?

Almost certainly not. You have no way of confirming that it was received. A hard copy slid under the door is the best service, in most jurisdictions. Another copy should also be mailed (regular first-class, not certified).

Is a notary signature valid if the notary is a relative?

It depends how close a relative. If its your spouse, then almost certainly not. The notary cannot have any stake in the transaction. Familial relationships would likely guarantee a conflict of interest. This is a common problem with notarizations generally. The signature is valid, and the transactio ( Full Answer )

Can you confirm if an agreement is signed and witnessed by the same person that it is valid?

There are a number of legal rules which apply to agreements or contracts, so I cannot say that any signed agreement is valid; but if the agreement meets other requirements for legality, and is signed, then that signature is legally binding. A signed agreement does not have to be witnessed by another ( Full Answer )

Are all property deeds in the state of Indiana tenancy by the entirety?

No. Tenancy by the entirety is a form of ownership reserved for legally married people . A deed to a wife and husband that is silent as to the intended tenancy is assumed to create a tenancy by the entirety in Indiana. However, it is always preferred to recite the tenancy on the deed. No. Tenancy ( Full Answer )

Is a will valid if there are no witness signatures?

No, all states in the U.S. require that a Will have at least one witness, and many states require two. Not only that, but witnesses can not be anyone who will benefit under the Will (children, grandchildren, wife, husband, friends who benefit, etc.), must be of legal age (21), and also of sound min ( Full Answer )

Can I sign a notice of termination of tenancy for my husband if I own the rental property also but didn't originally sign the rental agreement Notice was given that I handle the finances?

This depends on whether you have a power of attorney over your husband, and to what extent the power of attorney holds. If you are just doing the finances, then you may not have the right to sign the notice of termination tenancy. Besides, I don't understand why you want to sign a termination of ten ( Full Answer )

What is the notary fees on transfer of tenancy rights and what are the general lawyer fees for drafting agreement?

When a document needs to be notarized, it can very often be done without a fee. Most banks, for example, provide free notary services to their customers. Attorneys, who frequently need notarized documents, will almost always have someone on the staff who is an official Notary. Though some lawyers w ( Full Answer )

Is a rental agreement valid if it is not signed in Texas?

I don't know Texas law specifically but I believe there is a general principle in renting that once you start to live and pay rent, a rental agreement is in place. Whether that means particular details of the unsigned agreement are in force, I cannot say but it would mean you cannot be evicted (or e ( Full Answer )

What are some common terms found on tenancy agreements?

Tenancy agreements often have set phrases and conditions which are the terms and conditions of the tenancy. These should include duration of tenancy and how much is paid per week or month. It should also say who is responsible for what regarding things like the garden or utilities.

Where can one find a copy of a tenancy agreement?

Assuming that a "sample form" for a tenancy agreement is meant here. If so, there are several places where such sample forms for tenancy agreements can be found. One example would be the "Department of Community Services" of Yukon. On their web presence one could find such a sample form that can be ( Full Answer )

Where can a new landlord find a tenancy agreement template?

The best source for legal templates, including real estate templates, like those for a landlord-tenant agreement, is Nolo Press. They print many legal self-help books which are essential for entering any sort of legal agreement.

Where can one find information on assured shorthold tenancy?

One can find information on assured short hold tenancy at legal offices, law suites, real estate agencies that rent out houses and offices. You can also find information about assured short hold tenancy at the shelter website.

Is contract valid without the signature of an attorney such as a deed of donation?

You have mentioned two types of documents in your question: a contract and a deed of donation. Every jurisdictions has its own laws regarding the proper execution of legal documents. It is not generally necessary for the "attorney" to sign unless she is the donor. The usual requirements require the ( Full Answer )

How did geography enter into the original agreement?

Well Canada was being made into territories and provinces whenConfederation was being put into place as well as after. Geographyis the land so, the split provinces becoming smaller provinces hassomething to do with it. John.A Macdonald was the biggest key partof Confederation. He and the other key p ( Full Answer )