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You need to have your RV included in your insurance policy.

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Q: Is your RV covered while pulling it?
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How do license a semi truck pulling a RV an not for hire?

It would have to be licensed as an RV.

How do license a semi truck not for hire pulling a RV?

As a recreational vehicle.

What types of vehicles are covered in a typical RV insurance policy?

Any type of motor home or recreational vehicle is covered by a typical RV policy. Even travel trailers are covered by an RV insurance policy. Before you purchase your policy, though, talk to a qualified insurance agent to make sure you are adequately covered.

Is a hauling trailer covered by the vehicle that is pulling it?


Is a RV and contents covered for fire damage if parked at residence?

They are only covered if they themselves are insured under their own policy.

Is your RV covered by your home owners in your driveway?

No, Homeowners Insurance does not provide coverage for motor vehicles.

Can you sleep in a RV while the vehicle is driving?

You can with motorhomes but not with trailers.

When saying A or an RV would it be an RV or a RV?

An RV.

Can I loose my RV if I am living in it while fileing chapter 7?


How many people fall off their RV roof each year?

Always avoid excessive walking on the RV roof. It may be springy but depending on the condition of it you may be in any danger of falling through or damaging it by walking. Do be careful up there, though. RV roofs are often very slippery, especially when wet or covered with forest debris (leaves, twigs, nuts, berries, etc.).

Can you tow a car with a tow bar legally?

Sure can. Look at those big RV's on the road ... most are pulling a car using a tow bar.

Is it legal to ride on a trailer being towed by a pickup?

no unless its a RV trailer or u will get in big trouble about 100 dollar ticketAnswerno unless its a RV trailer or covered roof or u get in truoble about a 2000000000 dollar ticket and prison

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