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Yes it is, you just have to get a Canada Insurance Card from your insurance company. Polcies do not cover Mexico.

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Q: Is your US insurance good in Canada if you are a student there?
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Will your US auto insurance cover you in Canada and how long?

US auto insurance will cover you in Canada only if you get a card from your insurance agent authorizing the coverage. This card is free. Ask your agent about how long the card is good for.

What are some good things about Canada that US does not have?

"Medicare" -- Universal Government Health Insurance -- is the best thing about Canada.

What is the best way to get an auto insurance quote in Canada?

The best way to get an auto insurance quote in Canada is by using Insurance Hotline's website. This website allows one to find cheap insurance quotes in the US and Canada.

Why is Stephen Harper good for Canada?

He is good for Canada because he help us keep us safe in Canada

What is a good name for an insurance business?

insurance R us

Can person apply for a student visa to Canada if they have been deported from the US?

Yes, Canada is its own country.

Can an F1 student in US Travel to Canada without a visa?

No, you need to apply Canada visitor visa~

What if you are a us citizen and are hurt in Canada?

you will be treated in a hospital, then your insurance will pay the costs, if you do not have insurance, you will be billed accordingly.

What are some Life Insurance Companies in Canada?

Major banks have life insurance divisions such as the Royal Bank of Canada. The major US insurance companies have Canadian subsidiaries e.g. All State Insurance. An example of a Canadian life insurance company is the Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.

Us Marriage License Is it Good In Canada?

It is not good in Canada. The license should be issued by the government were the ceremony is. A certificate of marriage from the US will be recognized as valid in Canada.

Can a US citizen retiree get permanent resident status in Canada?

It is possible for you, as a US citizen who is retired, to obtain permanent resident status in Canada, if there is a good reason for you to be in Canada, such as, to join your closest relatives who happen to be Canadian citizens. Your specific circumstances have to be considered by the immigrantion officials. If your sole reason to live in Canada is that it is easier to obtain health insurance in Canada than in the US, then your application would not be approved.

What car insurance companies are based in Canada?

There are a few car insurance companies that are based in the country of Canada. One of these is Allstate which is a branch of the US based company of the same name.

Car insurance requirement for people relocating to Canada.?

Car insurance is a requirement in Canada just like it is here in the US. The first thing that you will do when you buy automobile insurance in Canada is receive the "pink card". This "pink card" is nationally recognized as the Canadian Inter-Province Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card.

Do I need insurance for a jet ski in Canada?

Actually you do. They have the same insurances as in the US, so mostly every kind of vehicle needs insurance. A website you can go to for more information is

Is there a good insurance to cover your newly bought optical glasses for oversea student staying in US?

Contact an agent and see only thing I can think of is perhaps an inland marine policy.

Can i find a good and cheap university in the US for F1 student visas for foreign students?

Yes, there are many cheap and good universities in the US for F1 student visa holders.

Where can one find information about Geico Canada?

You are not able to find information about Geico Canada because Geico does not offer insurance to Canada. If you're looking to drive to Canada and you live in the US, Geico's US coverage still stands even though you are in Canada.

If your policy was cancelled in the US due to non-payment and you moved to Canada can this keep you from getting insurance?

See the thing is, that in order to prove "insurance experience" in Canada, coming from the US, you will need a "letter of experience" from your US insurer. This will obviously show a cancellation, and hence, be the deciding factor about your prospective premiums here in Canada. Best to start over as a new driver in Canada. Leave out the old.

Can you help me find liability insurance Alicia?

Liability insurance depends on the area you live in. For example, Zurich Insurance is a good liability insurance for Canadians, while USLI is a good US company.

I am a US citizen on US Medicare residing in Canada (permanent resident) - where can I buy supplementary insurance for US Medicare service for the 20% not covered by Medicare in the US. ?

Medigap can be used as supplemental insurance to cover what is not covered by medicare

Is your US auto insurance policy valid in Central America?

No. All United States auto insurance policies stop at the Mexican border. They usually cover driving in Canada but will not cover you once you cross into Mexico. I believe you purchase insurance from the Mexican government. Good luck if you have a claim.

Why is NAFTA good for Canada?

NAFTA is good for Canada because it has created jobs. It is also good but it keeps fruit and vegetables available and has helped Canada have a stronger relationship with the US and Mexico.

Where can one compare auto insurance prices in the US?

There are many good websites where you can compare auto insurance prices in the US. For example Esurance is good website which also takes account of your residence.

What is the rule of international student to pass the border of Canada to US?

Have a passport(s) and photo ID, any visas...

Is medicare us government insurance plan is covered in Canada or not?

No. It does not extend across the border. Usually a traveller will need to contact their favorite insurance company and take out travel insurance while they are away from their country.