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No, it doesn't start to feel hard until 4-5 months of pregnancy

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2010-08-05 19:17:17
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Q: Is your belly hard during the first weeks of pregnancy?
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Where does your belly hurt during the first couple weeks of pregnancy?

on my left side

How soon will your stomach get bigger during pregnancy?

Yur "baby belly" will not appear until the first few weeks of pregnancy.(:

When will you belly get hard during pregnancy?

around twelve weeks

At how many weeks do you get the line on your belly while pregnant?

You can get the line on your belly after ten weeks of pregnancy.

Is there any change in belly during ten weeks pregnancy?

no not normally but some rarly start to get a ver small pouch at the bottom of the belly.

What happens during your first weeks of pregnancy?

You die

Does your belly show in 2 weeks?

You belly will most likely not show in the first two weeks. You will not gain any weight in the first two weeks. You should see a doctor during this time.

Can your stomach get bigger in the first few weeks of pregnancy?

Yuh may expierence some bloating in your first month of pregnancy, but your "baby belly" will not show for the first few months. :)

What will your belly feel like during the first few weeks of pregnancy?

It wont feel different at all. You start to develop more fat below the navel where the embryo is to protect it.

Can you spot during the first few weeks of pregnancy?

Yes you can spot during the first week of you pregnancy. The egg is being planted into the uterus.

How can is it before you notice your belly growing when you are pregnant?

Anywhere from 9-12 weeks depending on your build and if this is your first pregnancy or not.

What happens during the first four weeks of pregnancy?

you feel headek

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