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Is your boyfriend cheating if he is having his ex-girlfriend come over to his house while you're at work to pick up a plant she left there 1 year ago?


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July 27, 2005 6:42AM

Okay Boo, i am only 16 but i am not stupid if your man is having his ex come over to get a plant from one year ago then i would say something is up with that and you need to get it together and question him about it ask him why she can't come over while you are there or why she has to come over at all after one year i mean the plant would be dead and gone by now . Trust me i know the longer you allow it to happen if nothing isn't going on it will be a matter of time before something does happen. so if i were u i would ask him about that and like my mom always tells me if you feel it in your gut then most of the time it's probably true. Im sorry but even i know this one why the hell would an ex want a plant from a year ago your person is difinetly creepin while your at work and you should get to the bottom of it if they are ex's and truly over they should have thrown the plant away and plus the plant would be dead by now dont u think? o well good luck!!!!