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Okay Boo, i am only 16 but i am not stupid if your man is having his ex come over to get a plant from one year ago then i would say something is up with that and you need to get it together and question him about it ask him why she can't come over while you are there or why she has to come over at all after one year i mean the plant would be dead and gone by now . Trust me i know the longer you allow it to happen if nothing isn't going on it will be a matter of time before something does happen. so if i were u i would ask him about that and like my mom always tells me if you feel it in your gut then most of the time it's probably true. Im sorry but even i know this one why the hell would an ex want a plant from a year ago your person is difinetly creepin while your at work and you should get to the bottom of it if they are ex's and truly over they should have thrown the plant away and plus the plant would be dead by now dont u think? o well good luck!!!!

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Where is your sister?

at her boyfriend house having sex

What surprise can you make for your boyfriend?

How 'bout if you surprise your boyfriend by not letting him in the house and divorce him. That is a great surprise for a cheating boyfriend.

Is there a test to see if my boyfriend is cheating on me with a girl that he work with?

no there is no such test but if he asks you to come with him tonight say him that u can't & suddenly go to his house or were he said u he would take u ANSWER: The only way you can find out if he is cheating on you is by ask him face to face, and if his having a hard time answering that question, you bet something is going on. If your boyfriend answer you by asking the same question, there it is. Watch his reaction..

Did Selena Gomez ever find out that her boyfriend was cheating on her?

Yes she walked into his house and found justin bieber kissing taylor swift on his couch

Signs to show if your boyfriend is cheating?

All you need to do is pay attention to his body language, mood, and yes his cell phone. Most men who is having a love affair will have the tendency of acting funny in front of their woman. Cell phone can not be found laying around the house because he kept it and put it on vibrate so you will not hear it. If you can find this 3 sign, take my words for it, things will follow if he is cheating on you.. One thing though, there's a big difference between a husband or a boyfriend when the are having affair. I could tell you some way if your boyfriend is cheating on you, but one thing that differ from married man, the boyfriend do not come back anymore, while his fun is still exciting. But when a married man have affairs, they still go home to their wives.

How could you find out if my boyfriend is cheating on me?

if you have really good friends and they live where he lives(the house next to him)then they will tell you.it might hurt alittle because my cousin told me my ex was cheating on me. ~Mzsexy19 aka lil mama006~

How do you find if your boyfriend is cheatin on you?

well if your boyfriend is cheating on you then he wouldent be spending time whith you hed be getting out of the house a lot not hanging out whith you so if he is then ask all your friends who there going out whith then stock him so ya!!!:)

What is dr house first name?

Gregory. Stacy Warner (his exgirlfriend) and his mother are the only people "allowed" to call him this -- otherwise he snaps at them.

If your boyfriend doesn't want you to stay long at your family's house is he cheating?

* Just because your boyfriend doesn't want you to stay long at your family's house doesn't mean he is cheating. He may feel uncomfortable and prefer to spend some time with you alone. However, he should try to get along with your family and you should let him know that. Staying an hour at your parent's home is enough unless time unless there is a special event and then he should be willing to stay longer.

When ur boyfriend has admitted to cheating on you and then tells u that he's been sleeping at a female friends house does this mean that there sleeping together even though they say there just mates?

Sorry sweetie. I personally believe he's cheatin' where he's sleepin'. If he's admitted to cheating on youthen surely he would admit to cheating on you again wouldn't he?

What are signs that a boyfriend has cheated or cheats on someone with their younger sister?

If a boyfriend is cheating with a younger sister and you and your sister live in the same house then 'the eyes have it!' This means they would be sneaking looks at each other or trying to accidentally be close to each other. If he seems to be in the same room as your sister all the time; may be in your home with your sister when you are not there. As far as your boyfriend cheating on you with someone else you would have to get proof of that and sometimes the proof comes from close friends of the two of you.

How do you get your exgirlfriend off the deed of your house?

She must sign her interest to you by executing a deed voluntarily. The deed should be drafted by an attorney and you will need to buy her interest.

How do you know if your dad is cheating?

when he takes off of work all the time and if he never helps around the house he is cheating

The guy I am talking to's exgirlfriend is friends with our friends and is flying into town and staying in the same house as me What do I do about this situation?

Have sex with the guy in your apartment / house That way, the ex will feel embarrassed, leave, and then you'll have sex uninteruppted.

How do you know if your boyfriend is starting to love you?

he will start caring more aboout you and what you do or he will ask you if he can come over to your house if your having an special occacsoins or cook outs

Why your husband who is cheating on you wants you to kick him out of the house instead of him leaving you?

Many he feels guilty or wants to live with the person he is cheating on you with.

Who invited you to the-house?

ANSWER:will I be a bad person if I say it was me who invited that person? C'on this question is not about cheating.

Can you kick a exgirlfriend out of your house in Arizona?

No. If she has been living at the house full time with your permission, you can't just "kick her out." If she refuses to leave, you will have to file a lawsuit to have her ejected from the property. If a lawsuit is necessary, it is highly recommended that you be represented by an attorney.

What does it mean when a married man takes you to his house and tells you that his wife won't be home for a few hours?

He wants to cheat on his wife by having sex with you. Cheating is more erotic if you do it in your marriage bed.

Why toilet paper a house?

its kind of like a traditon to abunch of people you go buy some cheap toliet paper but alot of it and you just go and pick a person or a couple people and roll there house trust me its fun i caught my boyfriend cheating on me so i did it to his house and forked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so much fun i did it to his now wife to!

Trick questions to see if your boyfriend is cheating?

You could ask him if he's seeing the girl tonight or tomorrow. Or maybe, something like "she'd probably like this on you don't you think?" Or even "You left your key at that girls house".

What are Uses of water around the house?

Squirting people, building a giant swimming pool, having a drinking contest, having a water fight, indoor surfing, getting things wet, to keep pirahnas in to kill your boyfriend.

How do you present you boyfriend to your parent?

you take him to your house and say hi this is my boyfriend and it will just go from there

What should you do about your ex boyfriend breaking into the house you once shared?

If your ex boyfriend is in your house without your permission, you need to immediately get help. Call the police, or if he has the key to your house, get the lock changed.

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