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What is it about his behavior that makes YOU believe that he is cheating on you? Has he always made a habit of breaking dates or has he just started doing this more recently? When did he stop calling you? How long have you two been dating? Only you would know the answer to these questions so my suggestion to you is that you sit down and evaluate this relationship. If you feel like you are having trust issues, this boyfriend is not responding to you in this relationship and this relationship seems to be moving backwards then you have two choices: Communicate your concerns and needs to him or Dump him! I think that he is loosing interest. Usually when realtionships are meant to be they flow really smoothly and both people are basically sure about where they stand.

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Q: Is your boyfriend cheating if he never calls you anymore and he says that he can't hang out today because he can't get a ride to your house but he told you that he would never cheat on you?
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When your boyfriend calls you babe what does it mean?

It means he's cheating on you and is lying because he knows you're gullible

What if your boyfriend wont answer your calls?

just braek up with him he may be cheating on you

When your boyfriend of over a year now seems like hes getting distant he hardly calls or calls or answers when you call or message him he says he loves you and he couldn't love you anymore whats wrong?

hes probably cheating on you.

You are dating a girl who has a boyfriend but you don't know what to call it?

You don't call it anything, but the boyfriend calls it cheating.

What are some signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you when he went out of state for school?

He might be not answer your calls.

How do you know that a guys cheating on you when you say i love you to him and he responds with same or awesome I found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me by talking to his relatives and friends?

Also if he doesn't message u or respond to ur texts or calls then ovbislly hedoesn't like u anymore

My boyfriend blocked me on facebook and he still calls me and says babe i love you bub?

Your boyfriend has blocked you on Facebook because he does not want you to see some of his posts. Chances are high that he is cheating on you.

If your boyfriend calls a girl baby is that considered cheating?

No that is not considered as cheating. If that was considered as cheating it will break most of the relationships. Boys do that naturally sometimes without any wrong motives.

What are signs of a boyfriend cheating?

One doesn't answer calls or texts, two he avoids you, and three he doesn't hang out with you

What does it mean when your boyfriend calls you by his ex girlfriends name?

It means shes not really his "ex"girlfriend and is probably cheating on you.

How can you see if your boyfriend is cheating through his cellphone?

Check his text messages or, freuqent calls ingoing/outgoing from females.

How do you view my boyfriend cell phone incoming calls or out calls?

well it is wrong because you are invading his privacy and that destroys the trust that he has with you. unless you are certain that he is cheating or something like that, just try to view his cell phone when hes not around.

How do you know if boyfriend is cheating. He's become jealous very distant cold and does not return my calls lately. Keeps asking me if I am seeing anyone else. I suspect he is cheating?

It depends on how many times he asks you. Maybe he is being too cautious, or maybe he is cheating, or perhaps he can't bear to think you are cheating because he loves you.

Is my boyfriend cheating on me i saw messages on his phone that he's call girls babe he told is his ex he told they are just friends?

If your boyfriend calls all his female friends "babe" it is highly unlikely he is cheating on you. Even so, you are better off asking him directly and see what he has to say.

What are the obvious signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you?

If he acts distant, or makes excuses why he didn't answer your phone calls or is unavailable , if he doesn't want sex from you or ask for it as often

If your boyfriend stop calling you as often as he use to and when he calls doesn't talk long?

hes proably not into u anymore srry just move on

When your boyfriend calls you babe does it mean that he might be cheating on you?

no, not at all. he mite feel stupid to call u that. some boys are embarrassed to call gurlz baby.

What are signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you if you are in a long term relationship?

If he spends a lot of time away from you or won't answer your calls, or if he isn't romantically or physically attracted to you as he was in the very beginning.

My boyfriend always answer my phone calls. For some reason he didn't Could he be cheating?

maybe ur not puttin out enough You mean he didnt answer the phone once?

How can you tell when your boyfriend thinks your cheating on him?

When he starts asking where you were? When he constantly texts or calls you and gets mad when you dont reply right away or answer. Or when he starts wondering who your hangiing with.

How can you tell your boyfriend likes someone else and doesnt want to be with you anymore?

you don't talk as much on the phone or in person anymore, and when you ask if its because he is so busy he tells you no that he isn't. when he jokes around about how lucky you are to be with someone so goodlooking or nice because so many other girls want him. when he jokinglily tells you that he's been ingnoring your calls but you feel he wasnt joking. also when he jokingly calls other girls his wifes or "other" girlfriends in front of you! also when he starts acting more like a friend to you then your boyfriend!

When do you get to know you should you leave your boyfriend?

You know you should leave your boyfriend when your not happy anymore for whatever reason. If either one of you are the type that goes through eachothers phone to see whos calling or calls to check up when the other is out because you don't believe their really where they say they are. If you have suspicions of him cheating, you never want to believe it and you tell yourself you don't know for sure because you don't have proof, but im telling you go with your gut instinct its always right.AnswerWhen you're asking this question.

What type of poem is 'nobody calls me a wog anymore'?

Nobody calls me a wog anymore is a lyric poem

What do you do if you are receiving offensive calls?

Just don't answer the calls anymore.

Can you tell if your boyfriend is cheating on you?

yeah!! if he calls you a different name rather then you real name, he's cheating on you, cause he doesn't want to mix you and the other girl name up.. and another thing is... when he say he's busy alot!!!!!