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The short answer is: BEWARE. A lot depends on his other behaviour and the quality of the relationship you do have with this person and WHO this person is in terms of overall integrity, but I think anyone who has the mobile phone switched off (or in the car) for much of the time has something to hide. The possibility is that he doesn't want to be disturbed by work related or other calls, but one would think that his phone would be answered by him before you SOME of the time he's with you. Look at his behaviour overall and if things don't seem right to you, don't even bother looking for answers: send him packing and keep the door closed. A tussle over cheating is just not worth the "brain damage" at the end of the day. Be with someone who is open in all respects and whose life is pretty much an open book.

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Q: Is your boyfriend cheating if his cell phone is off all the time?
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How can you tell if your boyfriend may be cheating?

iam young but i think you can see if your boyfriend is cheating on you if he changes his ways with you. Or if he has a cell phone and always gose to the other room and wispers or puts his phone on vibration and most importantly if he starts making up stupid excuses that's how i think he might be cheating on you !!!!!!!!!!!!! PS also if hes not spending any more time on you. iam young but i think you can see if your boyfriend is cheating on you if he changes his ways with you. Or if he has a cell phone and always gose to the other room and wispers or puts his phone on vibration and most importantly if he starts making up stupid excuses that's how i think he might be cheating on you !!!!!!!!!!!!! PS also if hes not spending any more time on you.

Your husband breaks his cell phone every time you ask him if he is cheating is he?

buy him cheap phones

What do you do if you suspect your boyfriend is cheating?

go throw there phone and see wat girl he have been talkin to. and see how long and how many time

How do you know you're boyfriend isn't cheating on you?

A loyal boyfriend can be recognized in any way. He spends most of the time with you is the major sign that he is not cheating.

If you love your boyfriend but still like your ex is it cheating?

Any time you are fisically with someone(male or female)other than your boyfriend it is cheating!!!!

Get copy of cell phone bill of girlfriend of cheating husband?

Sure! First, you hire an attorney. Next, you have him write a subpoena which he gives to the judge to sign. Then, the attorney has the sherrif serve the subpoena to the cell phone company. Finally, the cell phone company complies with the subpoena by producing the cell phone bill. Lotsa luck, lady. You'll have an easier time divorcing the cheating bum. Then. you don't have to worry how many times the broad calls her mother/sister/manicurist each month.

What are signs of your boyfriend cheating if you live together?

not spending time with you and maybe not sleeping with you

How do you spot a someone who is cheating on you?

If you need proof your partner is cheating on you to help with your divorce. Your best bet is their cell phone but i do not think you have any access to it. You need to contact a P.I to help gain access and have all this information of your partner cheating. Contact williamgolding366@ gm a il .c o m

How do you know your boyfriend isnt cheating?

I try to read my boyfriend's mind by looking into his eyes every time we are in some conversation.

New boyfriend cheating but denies it?

Answer If you know for sure that your new bf is cheating then perhaps it's time to drop him and find another boyfriend, who needs the hassel of a guy who lies from the seat of his pants.

What does it mean when boyfriend cheating on you?

it means that you are in a relationship with your boyfriend, you are his first (it may not be first in all his life but at the currant time.)girlfriend and at the same time he is with another person (woman / girl) dating or in a relationship with that you may not know of or do not know about and that what is call cheating.

How can you get your boyfriend to admit that he cheated?

If you know he's cheating....why do you need him to admit it ;kick his but out and get you someone who will do you right Buy some panties that r not your size plant them and ask him where they came from if he can answer he is lying.

How to tell if girlfriend is cheating?

One way to try to tell if your girlfriend is cheating is if she's refusing to spend time with you. If she has a new boyfriend she may want to spend less time with you.

How do you tell if your boyfriend cheats?

He is hanging out with another girl you know and by his smile if he looked stupid then he is cheating on you and if he is with you all the time he is not cheating on you if he is just don't cry

What are the advantages of teenage freedom?

# Well if you have a cell phone you could call or text who you want(most of the time).You could date.You could have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

What does it mean when a girl flirts with you but she has a boyfriend does that mean she cheats on her boyfriends?

No. She's only cheating on her boyfriend if she goes out with another person at the same time.

How can you see your boyfriend is not cheating on you?

First, figure out whether your boyfriend is spending time with another girl. Then proceed to give warning to that girl if warnings to your boyfriend don't seem to work.

How to get a girl who has a boyfriend but her boyfriend hangs out with two other girls all the time and typically cheating on her but she still loves him?

well you say that he hangs around with the other girls because of he goes out with them and is cheating on her and she will sometimes believe you and sometimes not

If you do not know a boy but you talk all the time to him on the phone and your friend knows him is it wrong to be dating him even if you are in love with him?

Emotional and intellectual love is the same as cheating with someone you spend time with. If you love your boyfriend, then you have to stop talking with the guy you don't know.

How can you find out if your boyfriend is cheating?

you can tell if your boyfriend is cheating if he is not spending time with you. i don't mean when he is not working. if all falls just ask are you cheating, of course you know that he may not tell the truth. there are many sign to a cheating man. some woman don't like to face the facts that he is cheating in your face. if you believe in your heart that something is going on there is. make surprise visit on lunch or at his home.

How do you tell if your boyfriend cheating on you?

If he hugs or kisses you every time he comes home that means he is cheating on you if he makes you happy in any way he is cheating on you. BREAKK UP WITH HIM NOW !!!

She says she like you she kiss you she romance you and yet she cant date you becos of her boyfriend?

She is cheating on her boyfriend with you. Stop wasting your time and get you someone who is available like you are.

How do you know your boyfriend isn't cheating?

if your boyfriend is cheating you he wont wanna spend time wit you because that means he is with another girl. but if he spends every waking moment with you he is not. hope that helps. tacos rule!!!!!!! dont forget and pass it on

Can you get truth out of cheating girlfriend?

Take your time and gather enough indisputable evidence; use a cell phone tracking device or service, check phone numbers on the cell phone bill that are frequently called, hire a PI(williamgolding366 @ gm ail .co m) to get proof. Don't confront the cheating spouse until you have accumulated enough evidence, because if they think you are on to them then they will hide it better.

Signs to tell you if you boyfriend is cheating on you?

he lies he hides his phone, gets upset when you look at it doesnt want to have sex, or not as much spends less time with you spends more time with friends and possibly girls doesnt care as much talks to you with disrespect