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Could be. Maybe it's his other girlfriend. Guys are pigs, and they'll do pretty much anything to get more nookie. Now, personally I'm convinced that faithful monogamy is the best, most reliable way to get the most nookie. But others continue to try alternative strategies. On the other hand ... Maybe it's his bookie. Maybe he's a spy and it's his handler. Maybe it's his mother. Maybe it's his Poker buddy. Maybe it's his boyfriend. Maybe it's his favorite jeweler and he's checking to see of the special arrangement they've been working on for you is ready. Maybe it's the admissions office of Harvard Law School. Who knows? Do you trust him? If so, quit worrying about it. If not, why are you wasting your time on him? Why don't you give that nerd a try? The one with the calculator and the thermodynamics book. He's probably going to make a lot more money in the long run, and he's probably not going to pull much funny stuff on you.

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Q: Is your boyfriend cheating if you checked his phone bill and he is calling a particular girl's number at least 4 times a day and you asked him about it but he refused to answer the question?
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Signs of a cheating boyfriend?

leaving a lot calling some one and if he really is cheating smack the hell out of her and him

If your boyfriend is cheating should you call the girl?

Why bother calling her? Dump the guy and let the girl have that trash heap.

What is the song where the music video is a girl who gets a tattoo of her boyfriend and then finds out he is cheating its not a recent song but was a big hit?

Wherever You Go by The Calling

What you should do if your boyfriend stop calling you or paying attention to you?

Ask him if he's okay, and if he wants to go somewhere with you. He might be cheating on you, but don't take my word for it.

You feel like your boyfriend is cheating your gut is telling you yes but when you see him you give him the benefit of the doubt and forget about him cheating how can you tell?

Does he stops holding your hand. calling you less (on the phone). you don't do thing anymore when you first went out. those are mostly a sign that hes cheating on you.

He is not phoning you as he used to does that mean he is cheating?

no, it doesn't mean he's cheating but why is he not calling?

What do you do when your boyfriend is not calling you?

move on

Why did your boyfriend stop calling?

My boyfriend didn't stop calling me. If you are asking why your boyfriend quit calling you.. I don't know. Maybe he is busy, lost interest, found something else to fill his time? If it is a cause of concern, ask him.

Does it mean anything when your boyfriend wakes you up in the morning by calling you another girl's name?

It may mean something but, ask him why he called you a different name and if he hesitates it means he has been cheating.

If my boyfriend keeps calling me by my best friend's name does it mean he likes her?

maybe. or maybe he means he doesn't know your name. or maybe he's cheating on you with your best friend. why don't you ask him?

What are signs of my boyfriend cheating?

When he starts ignoring you, his personality changes, his character, his appearance like he seems to groom himself a little bit more after he sees you. He stops calling you, he moody around you, and cheap.

What does it mean when a boyfriend and a girlfriend are supposed to have plans together but he does not call?

well if your boyfriend wont call you or anything either he is cheating on you igonoring you or doesn't want to go with you out...maybe something happend to him try calling him again but if he doens't pick up ...if you have his parents # then call or try calling one of his friends to call and ask whats going on... hope that helped..., Yasmim

What is a guy that you mess with but is not your boyfriend called?

instead of calling him your boyfriend (cuz he's not your boyfriend) call him your guyfriend

Your husband is calling his female coworker while your at work then deleting her number is he cheating?

Another question must be asked. Why is he calling her? To discuss work or something else? Work, no. Something else,yes. It could mean cheating. But it could mean that he somehow knew that you feel uneasy about her. and didnt want you make you worry if you might see it.

What if you cant forgive your boyfriend for calling you by his exs name?

Then you need to find a new boyfriend.

Why your ex boyfriend mom still calling you?

Well, the boyfriend and you broke up not the mom and you.

What do you do when your boyfriend keep calling his ex?

I would encourage my daughter to find another boyfriend if he is being a jerk in any form. Calling "ex's" is being a jerk.

What does a mean when a guy is taken but yet calls girls sweet names like beautiful and georgious and babe is he capable of cheating?

If he is taken and still trying to "hollar" at other girls, than it comes into question if he could start cheating. It is also possible for him not to cheat. Calling to girls show bad judgement, but is not evidence of cheating.

What is the best way to stop calling your x boyfriend who doesn't want you calling anyway?

delete his number....

Does it count as cheating if you have a boyfriend and a girlfriend?

Of course that counts. I believe that if it feels wrong it is wrong. If you are calling someone your boyfriend then you shouldn't be pushing the limits. Some people believe flirting is no big deal even if your in a relationship and that is a personal opinion but kissing or even holding hands I think, is breaking the boundaries for sure.

Why would your father want you to stop calling him your boyfriend?

your either one sick puppy for writing this question or seriously abused.. either way you.... or your dad need help...

How do you get your boyfriend up by calling him at 600?

you call him a 6:00am or Pm

What if your boyfriend says he loves me but stopped calling?

maybe his phone broke.

What should you do if your boyfriend keeps calling your best friend a dog?

dump him

When do you call your boyfriend babe?

you start calling him that after your second or third date