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It could mean that. It could also mean the spark is gone and he is starting to look at other women or think about dating other people. It is time to have a talk with him about what is going on. If you don't see that it could possibly improve, break up with him. it's possible but don't jump to conclusions stay calm and investigate talk to people he hangs out with and began to ask questions but don't let him know your asking them and then ask him

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โˆ™ 2006-03-20 16:50:06
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Q: Is your boyfriend of 2 years cheating if he has all of a sudden gone funny and doesn't want to see you and rarely compliments you and doesn't show an interest in you and never tells you he loves you?
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What does it mean when your boyfriend doesnt call you?

he's sleeping, busy or cheating

How do you tell if your boyfriend is cheating on you if he doesnt live with you?

Trust... and if you don't have it, then you can't really tell.

What if your boyfriend doesnt like to talk about love?

if your boyfriend does not want to talk about love and your relationship than that is a sign that he is shy, gay, or cheating on you.

Is my boyfriend cheating if he doesnt want me looking through his phone?

it is very possible. he is most likely hiding something from you.

Why your boyfriend leave for two to three days and doesnt call and then show back up?

hes cheating! deeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr

What does it mean when your boyfriend doesnt kiss you back?

its means you or him has bad breath or he is cheating or maybe he didnt feel like it.

How do you break up with a cheating boyfriend?

Just break up with him hun. Hes not worth the time if he doesnt see what he has.

What does it mean if a guy doesnt like your boyfriend?

If he has any interest in dating you, he will not like your boyfriend. But maybe he already knows your boyfriend and they do not get along or else your boyfriend has a bad reputation that the guy knows about.

Why would your boyfriend asks if your sleeping with anyone?

he probably thinks youre cheating, or he doesnt like a guy youre hanging around.

What if your boyfriend doesnt want to claim you as his girlfriend is he cheating?

If your boyfriend is denying (to anyone) that you're his girlfriend, then perhaps he isn't the right guy for you after all. Nevermind whether he's cheating on you or not, if he is telling you one thing and other people another, he's being deceptive and is probably not worth your time.

Do Kathryn Bernardo had a boyfriend?

she doesnt have a boyfriend

Why is your boyfriend breaking up with you?

he either doesnt Ike u n e more or hes cheating on u or he wants to c ur reaction. just talk to him about why he is and what did you do.

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What if you think that your boyfriend is cheating what should you do?

Well if you think he is should look throw his fone for any texts or numbers he has called alot Or look through his computer make sure he knows you are looking see if he ...doesnt want you to !! if he doesnt find out why ? Or ask his friends if he has had a history of cheating ....And ask those girls about it hope i helped :)

Why would your boyfriend tell you he still likes another girl?

your boyfriend is just being completely honest with you and he obviously doesnt like you as much as this 'other' girl. i would appreciate him sharing this with me instead of cheating on me and going behind my back.

What are sighns your boyfriend is cheating on you?

he doesnt want to have sex it you, hes out late, he's "working" odd shifts, hes out with his buddies alot more, he is texting random numbers, etc

What does it mean when you boyfriend asks you why you want to be with him but doesnt like your answer?

it means he had already asked this question to someone else n had got a better reply... so may be it means he is cheating on you... ;)

Your boyfriend went from telling you that he loves you to not saying it at all when you are Iming each other or talking on the phone is he cheating on you?

Relationships are hard. Even though its logical to believe the worst, him not saying "I love you" doesnt mean hes cheating on you. I think you should ask him about the change. It may be possible that he doesnt know what hes doing, or that there is a bigger problem.

Who is the current boyfriend of Taylor Swift?

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How old was Nicki Minajs boyfriend?

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How do you confront the girl your boyfriend is cheating with?

make her feel guilty eg talk about how sad you would feel if someone cheated on you with someone else, the ask her questions like: my boyfriend would never do that would he? then if she doesnt answer just tell her you know about her and your boyfriend. improvise from then on. i did and it went great! xD

What if the girl you like hates it when you give her compliments?

She probably doesnt believe that the compliments you are giving her are true. I think you should talk to her and tell her that every compliment you give her is true and tell her shes beautiful. . .etc. Then maybe she will enjoy the compliments more.

Signs to tell you if you boyfriend is cheating on you?

he lies he hides his phone, gets upset when you look at it doesnt want to have sex, or not as much spends less time with you spends more time with friends and possibly girls doesnt care as much talks to you with disrespect

How can you stop cheating on your boyfriend Boyfriends HELP?

well i think you should tell your bf's bf that you cant keep sneaking around with him and you should tell your bf if the problem doesnt subcide.

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