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oh, your not going to like this answer, hes only with you because he knows that youll have him no matter what. you need to set up rules and guidelines, like, what your going to accept ,and what you wont accept.the reason why he hasn't asked you to marry him is because, hes weighing out his options, he wants to keep his possibilities open with other females. that's the oldest game in the book. if you told him to marry you or youll find someone else, he will more then likely pop the question.

AnswerNo, I'm not upset. We broke up and then I found out I was pregnant. We had been having problems during our relationship which spanned over 4 years. During my pregnancy he wasn't with me, which was upsetting. Once the baby was born, however, he came back and the baby and I have moved in with him...about 7months after our son was born. As said, it has been two years since the birth of our son. He's great with our son and we have a relationship and seem to get along well. I guess I think that if he loved me he would marry me. I don't want to force him to marry me by giving ultimatums. If he is "leaving himself open for other possibilities with women" then forcing him to marry me by saying I will leave and find someone else isn't going to make him love me, do you think? May just set us up for more trouble and divorce down the road. I don't feel marriage is something I should have to ask for. I'm just not sure what to do because we do have a son together. I don't want to disrupt the life of our son but I don't want to be with someone that doesn't love me either.


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Q: Is your boyfriend only with you for the sake of your child if you broke up and then fell pregnant and reunited when your baby was born but he has not asked you to marry him and your child is almost 2?
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