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Liable for what? You can't really sue for damages unless you prove harm was inflicted on the child as a direct result of not discussing the child's progess with you. If the school was acting within court orders with reasonable caution because of the nature of the accusations, you'd have little ground to stand on.

AnswerI heard this before. If you have problem with School for some reason. Go to see Lawyer and Lawyer can do something about it. But if got from Court Orders with Reason seek with Lawyer how to fight back for your allow to discussing with Child from school. I hope this help.

No. In such a situation the parent who has physical custody and therefore the primary caregiver may legally request school personnel to refrain from giving any information to the parent in question. The school must act in the best interest and safety of the child until the matter is resolved by order of the court.

In addition concerning cases of proven or alledged abuse, schools are legally bound to prevent the accused person from having contact with other children, meaning they can refuse said person access to school property and can enlist the assistance of the police if necessary.

AnswerUntil legal matters are resolved, the school is mandated to protect the child's privacy. In a case like you describe, the school could get in trouble for GIVING you access and discussing your child. It's a tough pill to swallow, but YOUR CHILD's well being is being guarded to the best ability of the system. <<>>
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Q: Is your child's school liable for refusing to discuss your child with you for a 6-month period during a custody dispute in which you have been accused of child abuse by your spouse?
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