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No. You may have a civil case if you take them to court but it is not automatically covered just because you were doing something on behalf of your employer.

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2014-06-26 02:36:26
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Q: Is your employer responsible for your accident if you were hit while transporting a car for them?
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If an employee was involved in an accident in his own vehicle while on company business who is liable employee or employer?

Employer & employee

Do you have to tell your employer about a car accident at work?

If you have an accident while at work, or conducting work business, yes, you need to tell them.

Does your personal auto insurance covers an accident while running errands in your personal car for your employer?


Car accident while working?

Could be compensable under Worker's Comp, your employer's Auto coverage or your own.

Employer equipment damaged my car while parked in parking lot who is at fault?

Whom ever hit it. If it was in park then who hit it is responsible. Depending on the circumstances, your employer should be.

Can your employer charge you for accidental damage for example a auto mechanic scratches a car while repairing it?

Yes. The company is responsible for avoidable damage done to a customer's property. After the customer is reimbursed, the employer can charge the person responsible by deducting the paycheck.

Car was being repoed while being towed it hit a parked car who is responsible?

It should be pretty obvious that the employer of the tow truck driver is completely responsible.

Is the driver responsible if an accident happens while backing up?

everything can happen with everybody. you can be as smart or as responsible as you want but still you're still human being!

If you sneeze while driving and end up in an accident who is held accountable?

You will be, of course. You were driving and are fully responsible for anything that the vehicle does.

Who is responsible for damages if a permit driver who is not on your insurance policy nor is a family a member drives your car with your permission while you are in it and they get into an accident?

you ni^^a

If you have an accident while driving another person's car will your insurance or the owner's pay the claim?

Auto Insurance follows the car not the driver. My son's girlfriend was driving his car when they where in an accident and his insurance was responsible.

IS your employer's insurance responsible for an accident sustained while driving a company vehicle on the job?

I'm not a lawyer. But I believe if the accident was or was not your fault. Workers compansation is responcable for your getting back on your feet. As for the damage to the other party/ies. The company as well as you are responcible. Though in most cases the injured party/ies will only go after the company simply because you probobly don't have anything to take.

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