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You can very well still love somebody and care for them and also be unsure if they are really what you want and/or need. Even after a breakup, the feelings do not just dissapear. Your ex can still feel love inside for you and truly care, but maybe he needs something different. If he is unsure of wanting to be with you or not, then you may want to give him time to let him "find" what it is he is lacking and truly looking for. I would give him some time to think things through. But don't beat yourself up over it, different people need different things so maybe he's trying to find out what it is he needs. If it's you, he will come back. If it's not, then be strong and respect his decision. Hope this helps,

2006-07-30 23:28:45
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Q: Is your ex confused if he fell out of love with you but still cares about you but does not know if they want to be with you or move on?
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How do you know if he still care for you?

You will know if he still cares for you if he's willing to make sacrifices for you. Someone who truly cares will sacrifice for a loved one, within reason.

How do you know if he still cares for me.I have a very close friend.He is my best friend but he is in a relation now.He still cares for me.But he avoids reason that he came to know i love him?

if he is your best friend then he still cares but if he knows your in love with him then its very awkward for him

Should you call your ex if you still care about him and you know that he still cares about you but you have lost contact with him?

If he cares and you care.... what's keeping you from calling him?....

How do you know if he still cares?

you can tell if he still cares if he is willig to still go places with you just as friends and talks to you and worries when theres something wrong and see if he can do anything to help you out

How do you know if your ex-boyfriend still cares even if he moved on to someone else?

If he cares he will let you know. If you cant wait ask him and get it over with.

How do you know he cares?

You know he cares when he's not afraid to show you off to the world, when he talks to you and shows in his voice that he cares. You now he cares when he talks to you in his smooth gentle voice helping you through good times and bad. You know he cares when he still accepts you no matter what his friends say. If he is always there for you and is not afraid to hug you in front of his friends, he cares. He's the one for you!

How do you know your ex gf still cares?

You get to know that your ex still loves you when she texts you now and then about if you had food and how are you and lots more things.

How will you know if your ex still cares about you?

Do they call or talk to you often, and seem interested in what you are doing?

What should a girl do to prove she still cares after he has hurt her?

show it. prove it. only you know the answer to how to do it.

How do you know if your ex-girlfriend still cares about you even if she is with another man?

you dont you just have to hope and pray that she still does

How do you know if a Taurus man still has feelings for you?

if he still talks to you and still brings you things. ans most of all if he says he still cares for you and you and him can still hang out with out arguing

Guy calls you after he dumped you?

He wants to know if your ok from the break-up, which in my opinion he still cares about you.

Why is your dog still panting heavy after birthing is done?

i don't know ask someone who cares

How do you know if you ex girlfriend has still feeling for you?

She will show it... If she still cares about you, she will come back for you, or its constant flirting and eventually it will happen, she will ask you out if she truly does...Im a girl and i would know.

What does it mean when your ex-wife tells you she cares about you?

it means she wants to get back together Answer It could mean she cares about you but doesn't necessarily mean she wants to get back together. She could be feeling lonely. She could be feeling confused depending on how long she's been your ex-wife. She could be having financial difficulties and doesn't want to deal with it. It could be anything. Only you know what the situation is between the two of you and only you know what she is really like. You have to use your best judgment in determining what is REALLY going on with her when she says that she still cares about you.

Your ex still looks at you and smiles but people keep telling he does not care anymore?

he still ove you, but doesn't want his friends to know that he cares

How can you know he still cares?

If he still texts, IM's or phones you. If he has asked you out on a date. If he has not done any of these things then it sounds like he is not interested or he has moved on.

How do you round 0 Am confused with that one I know it easy to you out am confused?


How do you know if she still cares?

when she still looks at you with a sort of sad look in her eyes. or still kinda talks to you. basically everything she used to do, but in much smaller per-portions.

You want him to know that you like him?

Yes of of course you do, if he doesn't know, then he will never ask you out. And if he doesn't feel the same way, then who cares?, its still better if he knows.

How do you know if he loves and cares about you?

how do i know that he loves me

How naruto fell after he know about Konohamaru death?

Konohamaru is still alive.

A guy said i care about you in the broad sense. does he mean i care about you a lot?

Not necessarily. He could mean he cares about you the way a girl cares about her best friend, it doesn't particularly mean he cares about you in a romantic way. If you're still feeling confused, try asking him exactly what he meant, letting him know how this sudden statement has puzzled you.Thanks - But he is my ex so I'm really confused. Also I am English and he is American and sometimes considering we speak the same language we do say things and terms that confuse the other!Well maybe you should sit down and talk to him about it, ask him how he really feels about you, and in what sense did he mean "I care about you"

How do you know if a dog cares about you?

How do you know when your dog cares about you?Well,it will stay with you when your sick,it will stay with you more and it will trust you more.

I am confused thinking he still is into you but doesnt want to be with you?

well that's my problem i don't know if he still into me cause i still like him and every time he see me he trys to make me jealous