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Depends upon the state where you reside. Normally, coverage is extended to resident relatives. If your dad is merely a visitor, he would most likely not be covered under your personal auto policy. In most cases, anyone who is driving your vehicle on a temporary basis with your permission will be covered under your policy.

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Amerigroup Insurance provides medicaid to over 2 million people in 11 states. To find out if you can be covered by Amerigroup as well as what states they operate in you can visit the My Amerigroup website.

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Is long term mental health covered by blue cross on your policy?

For all health insurance related plans visit

Is a leaking shower covered by homeowner insurance?

Leaky showers and plumbing are usually covered by a plumbers visit. Occassional maintenance is an normal and expected part of homeownership and is not a covered peril under your home hazard insurance. Homeowners insurance is Hazard isurance that provides coverage for losses from named perils such as FIre, Wind, Hail, Lightning, falling objects, vandalism, etc.

Does insurance cover alternative medicine?

In the US and Canada Naturopathic Doctors are licensed in some states/provinces. It some states such as Vermont ND's are primary care physicians, so if you have insurance you are covered.However this is generally only true for visit costs and not necessarily treatments.In other states, like Indiana and Kentucky, insurance covers none of the costs of alternative treatment. However, generally the cost of the visit is lower than the copay for a doctor's visit, and the cost of the treatment (Vitamins, herbs, other alternative treatments) is lower, too, especially if you do not have prescription insurance or a doctor does tests that are not covered by insurance.

Does home owner insurance cover bug infestation?

No, That's a job covered by an exterminator. Homeowners maintenance issue.An exterminator visit is usually between 1 and 2 hundred dollars, Far less than the typical deductible on a home insurance policy.AnswerOnly if actual damage to the structure comes into play.

What does it mean for a patient to have dual insurance coverage?

This refers to the case in which a patient is insured by more than one insurance plan. For example, a Medicare patient is generally covered for 80% of charges for a physician visit. In this case , he or she would usually be responsible for the remaining 20% of charges. However, if he or she has dual insurance coverage and is also covered by a supplemental plan. Medicare plus, this secondary plan would generally pay the amount not covered by the patient's primary insurance plan, Medicare.

What are the benefits of getting cheap health insurance short term?

The benefits of getting cheap health insurance short term is to be able to see a doctor for an urgent visit and having it covered by the insurance. It also covers prescriptions which may cost a ton out of pocket.

How much is a doctor visit with insurance?

It really depends on the doctor, the insurance coverage, your deductable, your insurance provider, and the reason and result of your doctor visit.

Car insurance your dad is visiting US Can he drive your car with his international driving permit Will he need a new insurance?

Call your agent and have your father added to your policy during his visit, you can remove him when he leaves.

What companies offer travel health insurance coverage?

Yes, If someone is looking for Travel health Insurance coverage must visit at Travel Insurance Master. They have the best travel insurance plan. On this website, one can choose from a variety of travel insurance coverage questions. Some of the topics covered as What the final payment date would be on travel insurance to make sure that you are properly covered during your vacation.

Does Medicare cover the costs of going to a health clinic?

Part B Medicare comes with a deductible of $155.00 and co-insurance of 20%, since Medicare continues to pay just 80% for covered services Yes Medicare does cover going to the helath clinic. However if visit is for someting other than a routine visit other fees may apply.

Is the guarantor and subscriber the same?

It depends, but the terms are NOT interchangeable. The guarantor is the person or entity financially responsible for the bill. The subscriber is the person who carries the insurance. Example of when they are the same person: An adult carries their own insurance policy (subscriber). They are also financially responsible to pay the charges they incur for the doctor's visit (guarantor). Charges include non-covered services or share of cost such the deductible, copay, or co-insurance. Example of when they are a different person: Adult 1 (father) carries a family insurance policy (subscriber). Adult 2 (son, a college student) is covered under Adult 1's policy. Adult 2 is responsible for their share of cost (such as copays and coinsurance or anything that isn't covered under the insurance policy).

What do I need to do to get Travel Insurance to visit Australia?

To get travel insurance to Australia you will need to decide what company best suits your needs, fill out the paperwork of what will be covered, and then enjoy your vacation. A great place to start would be at

Who files the claim?

When one visits a doctor's office, their insurance information is usually collected. After the visit, the doctor's office will bill the insurance company directly for their services. If any of the expenses billed are not covered fully by the insurance company, the individual will likely receive a bill from the doctor's office.

Where can one get travel insurance coverage details?

Someone that is looking for travel insurance coverage details can do so by researching the website Travel Guard. On this website one can choose from a variety of travel insurance coverage questions. Some of the topics covered as What the final payment date would be on travel insurance to make sure that you are properly covered during your vacation.

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You can visit this site: Apple Insurance Hut. maybe can help you.

Who regulates health insurance in India?

IRDA (Insurance Regulatory Development Authority) the regulator for all insurance industries in India. It provides guidelines which includes common critical illnesses covered under many health insurance policies in India.There are many insurance companies in India which are IRDA certified and online Insurance web aggregators .To know more about Health plans and its information you can visit

Where can I find information about Lexington Car insurance?

Lexington is a car insurance company. you can visit the nearest insurance agaent and ask for lexington car insurance. since lexington car insurance is not so widely you, better visit them online to save time