Is your husband cheating if you are pregnant and he never wants to take you anywhere with him on the weekends?

Ok I have several questions: What do you guys do during the week nights? How long have you been together? Has he made an disparaging remarks regarding your appearance? Does he go out to the bars with the guys on the weekend? What did you both used to do on the weekend when you were not pregnant? i am not sure at this point if it is indicative of cheating or just rudeness since you are pregnant and are sitting home alone while he is out having fun...


I can't tell you if he is or not, but what you're going through never happened to me when I was pregnant with my first one. It was me who don't want to leave the house then because I don't feel sexy anymore knowing my stomach, but my doctor told me that it's natural for a woman to feel that way because of our hormones. But for a husband to feel this way, it does gives you suspicion, but maybe you can talk to your husband. Tell him how he makes you feel, and ask him why. You don't deserve this from him. It supposed to be your happy moment, but his making it less that!