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In short, yes, your menstrual cycle is messed up.

Hormonal Birth Control suppresses your menstrual cycles so that you no longer ovulate, and thus in turn you also don't menstruate either - bleeding you get on the pill is a withdrawal bleed caused by the drop in synthetic hormones when you go into your placebo week. Coming off the pill it takes time for your menstrual cycles to reestablish themselves, you should menstruate within three months but don't be surprised if your cycles are irregular for up to twelve months after stopping hormonal birth control. If still worried about pregnancy then go talk to your doctor to make sure that everything is okay, and maybe look at getting another form of birth control.

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Q: Is your menstrual cycle messed up if you stopped using the birth control pill and have missed a period but the pregnancy test came out negative?
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Can you menstruate after getting a positive pregnancy test?

No you cannot. When you are pregnant your menstrual cycle is stopped until after birth

I recently stopped taking birth control and have missed my period I took a pregnancy test and tested negative could I be pregnant?

bend over and ill show ya

You were on your menstrual and you started taking metronidazole and my menstrual stopped?

menstrual hygiene

When do a woman stop menstrual cycle?

Menstrual cycles will come to an end as women go through menopause. Women's menstrual cycles will also be stopped if they fall pregnant, while on hormonal birth control, or after a hysterectomy.

When your body stops menstrual cycle?

The menstrual cycle continues up until pregnancy when the menstrual cycle is stopped so that you no longer ovulate while pregnant and the uterine lining isn't shed. The menstrual cycles also come to an end at the end of your reproductive years going into menopause.

Misprost avoid pergenancy?

Avoid pregnancy while taking misoprostol and for at least one month or one completed menstrual cycle after you have stopped treatment. Misprost is used to prevent ulcers, not pregnancy.

Can you get your period if you have stopped your menstrual cycle?


What are the chances of natural pregnancy at 49?

it's possible. depends on if you've stopped having your menstrual cycle or not. as long as your having a period, your ovulating. As long as your ovulating, you can get pregnant!

If you did a pregnancy test and its negative but feeling tired and dizzy and five days over your period left pill last week halfway through could you be pregnant?

If you did a pregnancy test and it was negative but you still feel tired, dizzy, and are five days over when your period should have started, you should take another home pregnancy test. You could be late because you stopped taking your birth control pills half way through.

If you just stopped birth control in the middle of the month when can you take a pregnancy test?

No need to wait at all. You can take it today!

How do you know that you are pregnant you stopped taking your birth control about a month ago and you are late on your period about five days taken three pregnancy test all were negative.?

After stopping birth control pills it can take your body time to get back to "normal" if you are worried go to the doctor and have them do a hcg blood test.

Would Topomax mess up your menstrual cycle?

Not sure about how it would affect the menstrual cycle, but if you have stopped having your period and think you may be pregnant, STOP taking Topomax. It has recently been linked to birth defects in women who continued taking it through pregnancy.

Once you stop taking the pill what are the chances of pregnancy?

Of 100 couples who stopped the birth control pill, 85 will experience a pregnancy within one year if they don't start using another method of pregnancy prevention.

I stopped taking my birth control and now I don't have a period?

Well, I guess the next thing you should do is take a pregnancy test.

You stopped breastfeeding 7 months ago you noticed in one breast that when you squeeze it a bit of liquid comes out Also you have been cramping Are these pregnancy symptoms or menstrual symptoms?

You might be pregnant - take a test These are menstrual symptoms, it takes a while for your breasts to dry up, not pregnant.

Had weeks of early pregnancy signs then your period was 3 days late When your period arrived it was very light for me and stopped early am I pregnant?

you could be but most likely not. pregnancy symptoms are so common and sometimes mock pre menstrual symptoms (pms). you should get a positive result on a pregnancy test by now if you are.

What could be wrong if your menstrual cycle has not stopped for two weeks?

this happened to me and I had to go see my gynecologist about it and she put me on birth control. you may need this to regulate your cycle it worked for me.

What if your nipples have been hurting for the past week If you have stopped taking your birth control 3 weeks ago Is this a sign of pregnancy?

Hello, Your question is: What if your nipples have been hurting for the past week if you have stopped taking birth control 3 weeks ago Is this a sign of pregnancy? Nipple tenderness can indicate pregnancy but unless other symptoms are associated which may also indicate pregnancy then I wouldn't believe this to be purely pregnancy related. When you stop taking birth control, as the hormones withdraw from your system, breast tenderness is not unheard of and neither is abdominal cramping, headaches or nauseous. However, perform a pregnancy test to be certain.

I had cramps starting 1 week after I stopped taking birth control and I dont have a period yet should I be concerned if its been well over a month?

I would recommend you perform a pregnancy test. Birth control can effect your menstrual cycle and can result in delayed periods. Your period should resume its natural rhythm within 2-3 months but if it doesn't see your Doctor.

Can pregnancy be stopped by taking pills after 2months of pregnancy?

No that wont stop the pregnancy and that's not good if you do that.

Is there any chance you could be pregnant if you've had several negative pregnancy tests including a blood test but no period?

if all tests showed as negative then you should go see your gp about the fact that your periods have stopped.

What if you stopped taking birth control and the following month your period only lasted for 3 days?

A three-day period may be your new normal, may be a fluke due to recently stopping birth control, or may be due to pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test.

How can I find why my menstrual periods have stopped?

It depends on age. If you are 35+, it could be menopause.

You stopped talking your birth control 5 days before you were supposed to will that mess your period up?

Yes it can. Because when you take birth control, it is all about regulating your hormones and menstrual cycle. This cycle from birth control protects you from pregnancy. Whether you missed two days, or even if you do not take your birth control everyday at the same time, your period can become irregular, and even worse you are increasing your chance of becoming pregnant. If you have had unprotected intercourse within a near time frame of when you stopped taking your birth control, you may have become pregnant, because you did not properly take your pills. This also means indeed it will mess your period up because you may not get one if you have become pregnant. In this situation, you should think about pregnancy more, if you have had unprotected intercourse, because you may have not been completely protected.

I have been spotting for months since I stopped my depo and now I am feeling weird and the pregnancy tests come back negative I feel pregnant what do you think?

A negative pregnancy test, followed by a repeat test in a week, means you're not pregnant. Many women who are stopping depo attribute all kinds of symptoms to pregnancy. These symptoms may be due to your cycle restarting, or may be unrelated to your reproductive system. If you're trying to get pregnant, see your health care provider, start prenatal vitamins, and stay healthy. If you're trying to avoid pregnancy, find another method of birth control.