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Sadly yes, when I was younger and I figured it out i was very sad.

I found out because I lost a tooth when I was about 5, then my dad needed to put the 2$ under my pillow, but I woke up. I asked him what he was doing... like this

Me: What are you doing dad?

Dad: Oh just checking if your pillow was fluffed...



Me: Why?

Dad: cause, there is nothing to see there...

Me: Then why did you tell me not to look?

Dad: cause... okay bye honey good night!

Me: okay bye love you...

5min later...

I looked under the pillow and saw the money and noticed he was the tooth fairy... :P


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Yes my mom the the tooth fairy she has my teeth hidden and not very well so sorry but they should hide them better thanks an bye :) :( :()

The Tooth Fairy bears a startling resemblance to your mom and dad. In fact . . .

Since the tooth fairy owes you money talk to you mom and dad about it and ask why that is.

it is your mom, dad, or whoever takes care of you

No, the tooth fairy is the tooth fairy. Your mom is not a fairy. (Does she have wings?)

no it is physically and mentally impossible it doesent exist it is your dad or mom

no you can loose your tooth anytime any way the tooth fairy is just your mom and dad

first off, there is no such thing as a tooth fairy. The tooth fairy is your mom, who comes into your room when you are sleeping, and takes your tooth, throws it into the garbage, and then puts money or something under your pillow. But sometimes it is your dad and sometimes they keep all of you and your siblings teeth in a box or some container.

The tooth fair is not real, your mom or dad is the one who gives the money. If you don't tell them about your teeth your teeth will still be there in the morning.

No the tooth fariy is not real because when i was little the tooth fairy sent me notes but it was my mom who wrote it. i could tell her handwritting, so no there is no tooth fairy. : (

When a child simply would not go to sleep, because its tooth fell out so her mom and dad told her about the "tooth fairy", so the parents stuck something under her pillow . and the myth passed down generations.

The tooth fairy is not real ur mom takes it and hides it then puts a £1 under ur pillow

I am Sorry To say this but he/she didn't come because the tooth fairy is not real. I even asked my mom "is the tooth fairy real?" She said no honey its not real its just us. i belived her. she asked me am i upset about it and i said no because whats so special about a mythical fairy who cashes in your tooth for a dollar?

The cast of Tooth Fairy - 2009 includes: Caroline Addison as Caroline Michele Hillen as Mom Duane Wadsworth as Newscaster

It's possible, since the tooth fairy is really a fictional character, not something that has much truth to it.

why did your mom marry your dad? Because they did. He felt like making a fairy, so, he made a fairy!

It has been said that nothing is certain other than death and taxes. Even the tooth fairy is not always reliable. Still, fairy or no fairy, we will still lose teeth at times. Such is life.Blah, blah, blah. It actually means that your mom probably thinks you are too grown up for the tooth fairy and has decided to let you know the truth. Really, the so- called "tooth fairy" is either your mom or your dad.I am a bit annoyed to receive this complaint about my verbose answer, blah blah blah, which is actually just 36 words long and is very concise. It is, of course, very easy to tell children that there is no tooth fairy, and also no Santa Claus, no Easter Bunny, and no other magical beings that their parents have told them about. Eventually we must lose our illusions, but I wasn't sure that the time was right in this case. I do find it odd that someone who is naive enough to believe in the tooth fairy is also sophisitcated enough to be able to post a question about it on an internet web-site.

fake. When i was 5 i was going into my bedroom to see the money i got but my mom told me to stay and then she reached 5 dollars out of her purse and went into my bedroom. And YES the tooth fairy is fake

no i don't think the tooth fairy is real i think its just your parients one night i pretended i was sleeping and my mom came in and gus what what you ask she took the tooth from my pillow and gus what my mom did she put five dollors undermy pillow and the next morning i told her that the tooth fairy didi't come agan and she said o i thought she put five dollors undr your pillow and thats how i found out the tooth fairy is your parients

no because i am a parent and one day on easter i left out nothing i didn't put eggs out i just went to ben and it's only me and my daughter and not my husband so when we woke there were easter eggs my 2 year old was delighted so no mom and dad are not the easter bunny or the tooth fairy or santa

wake up at night then walk right by ur moms bedroom and watch her if she is tiny then say is that u mom she will answer In some casual conversation with your mother suddenly mention 'dentin formation is a tandem enzymatic reaction dependent on ph'. If she makes a coherent answer then you know she is either a bio-engineer or the tooth fairy.

The proper way would be to said 'are mom and dad'.

mom- her dad is Chinese and mom is white ; dad- his dad and mom are white

justin calls his mom mom and his dad dad

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