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Yes, I would suspect a bad T stat if it can't maintain normal temp on the gauge. Either that or your electric fan is running all the time.


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โˆ™ 2007-08-29 01:20:36
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Q: Is your new thermostat defective if the temperature comes up to normal but drops after driving short way or with the heater on on cold day in a 1999 Dodge Caravan?
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What is the normal temperature on the gauge in a 1999 grand Cherokee while driving?

It depends on the setpoint of the thermostat.

How do you fix temperature problem on 2004 Chevy venture when temperature rises above nornal with regular driving?

I would have to say, change the thermostat in it.

When I am driving my 2002 Chevy impala the temperature meter moves from the middle to almost overheating and back what would cause this?


Why does the heater on a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan blow cold while driving down the freeway and then when it idles for a few minutes will finally blow hot air?

It is either your water pump or your thermostat

What would cause a 1992 Toyota Paseo to overheat while driving other than the heater core?

Bad water pump, stuck thermostat, clogged radiator, blown head gasket, trapped air in cooling system, defective cooling fan, defective thermal relay, or a combination of these.

My car temperature gauge goes to cold when am driving at 40mph or higher is that my eatercore?

Sounds like it could be a bad thermostat - not closing to allow engine to heat to normal operating temperature

What would cause an unpredictiable temperature needle while driving and idling and could it be the water pump or a blown gasket?

I'd be suspicious of the thermostat.

What to do when Temperature light comes on and off when driving n reg 106 peugeot especially now it is cold?

You might need to replace your thermostat.

What is wrong with my jeep the temperature gauge raises runs hot after driving and I can smell it?

You may need anew thermostat or the fan has stopped working.

Why does 2000 Accent Temperature gauge read low while driving but warms back up at traffic stops?

Maybe you shoud check your thermostat.

Why would the temperature increase in a short time 5 minutes after you turn on the engine and stay stable at 195 F during driving?

That would be the thermostat.

Why would the heater blow warmhot air while driving but cold air when sitting still?

Possibly defective thermostat. It sounds like it is opening up a bit with increased pressure caused by higher engine revs - when idling, the pressure decreases and the thermostat valve closes. Just a thought, anyway.

Heater blows warm but not hot on your 1998 dodge ram 1500?

If the temperature gauge is reading below normal operating temp after driving a little while it may be that your thermostat is stuck open. I replaced my thermostat and it fixed mine.

Your car temperature gauge goes to cold when am driving at 40mph or higher?

This is probably an indication that your thermostat is stuck open. Go to a radiator shop and ask them to test it.

Where should the needle on the temperature gauge be when driving a 1988 jeep grand wagoneer?

that depends on the thermostat. but the book calls for 190 degrees. your gage should be + or - 10

Why does a cars temperature gauge go up to the red linewhen driving and the heater starts blowing out cold air and does it periodically?

sounds like the thermostat is sticking

Why do you lose heat driving down the road in a ford f 150 you have heat when it is idling but lose it driving?

Thermostat is stuck open Thermostat is stuck open

Why would your 1997 eagle talon tsi be over heating so bad when driving?

Low coolant? Stuck Thermostat Cooling fan not working Water pump not working Clogged radiator System airlocked Defective radiator cap

Can you use a ride on mower without a driving license on a caravan park?


Your 2000 Durango 4.7L runs a good temperature while driving but overheats when in idle Have replaced thermostat flushed rad and no fluid loss Why overheat in idle?

Wouldn't be your thermostat, its going to be the fan motor for your cooling system. Because the wind that hits the motor while driving cools the motor but when you come to a stop and idle there isn't anything to cool the motor

What could be causing a car to overheat when driving but not while sitting idle The radiator cap and thermostat have all been replaced and you have no known system leaks But you still have a problem?

Clogged radiator, bad water pump, defective fan or fan thermal relay.

Why does heater not get hot after driving 10 miles?

your thermostat in the cooling system is probably stuck open, you will need to replace your thermostat

Where is thermostat on seat Inca?

There is none, who ever told you that lied. The thermostat is located in front of your driving wheel, on the dash board.

Why would the engine temperature in your Pontiac Montana 2000 not be rising despite driving 20 minutes the gauge does not rise and there is little heat to the cabin?

The thermostat is probably stuck in the open position.

How do you adjust rear brakes on 1998 Plymouth Voyager Do you adjust them like the 1999 Dodge Caravan by driving backwards or do you adjust them manually?

Same as the Caravan...