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Perhaps. Do you have him listed on the policy as required as a driver. If he lives in your household your policy probably requires you to have him listed as a driver or excluded.

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Q: Is your son in law who lives with you covered for an auto accident injury to him by someone else?
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Will homeowners insurance pay for injuries to someone who also lives in the home.?

if that person is related to you - no they are not covered - they are actually an insured - and insureds can't file injury claims - it is specifically excluded

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Does homeowners insurance pay for an accident of someone who lives in the house and injures themselves on the property?

It's called "personal liability" coverage, and virtually all homeowners policies have it.

Does insurance cover a permitted driver?

You need to read your policy carefully and talk with your agent. A permitted driver is usually covered. However, if the driver lives with you and you don't have them listed, they are not covered. If they are a regular driver and are not listed, they are not covered. If they have a suspended or revoked license, or if they have no license, you are not covered. It is best not to allow others to drive your car under any circumstances. If they have an accident, it is on your insurance, and the company will add them to your policy even if they cover them.

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