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Q: Is your sony tv model 24fv12kv digital?
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Is a Sony klv32d a digital tv?

according to SONY. there is no such thing/model called a klv32d.

Does the Sony model KV-27FS13 color tv have a digital tuner?

No, it does not.

Does the sony trinitron tv model kv-27s10 have digital tuner?

No, it doesn't. If a TV does have a Digital Tuner then it will say so in the menu.

How do you connect your lg tv to a Sony home theatre system?

If you are using the tuner of the TV, plug the digital audio out of the tv into the digital input of the Sony receiver.

Does the Sony trinitron srs tv have digital tuner?

No, the Sony Trinitron tube televisions with Sound Retrieval System (SRS) did not have a digital tuner. The tuner was analog.

What digital TV converter boxes are compatible with Sony television?


How much is a Sony tv model KP 61HS10 worth?

How much is a Sony 61" Model KP-61HS10 TV worth?

Is a Sony Model KV-28FX2OU suitable for digital conversion?

The Sony KV-28F is an older CRT based television and was purely analog input. As with other anaolog televisions, a set top box for digital terrestrial broadcasts, a satellite or cable receiver will all work with the television as long as they have a standard definition analog output.

What are the release dates for SGNL by Sony - 2010 Modern Digital Artist Uses Sony TVs as a Canvas for Paintings 1-61?

SGNL by Sony - 2010 Modern Digital Artist Uses Sony TVs as a Canvas for Paintings 1-61 was released on: USA: 20 December 2012

Is the Emerson tv model EWF2004A digital?


Is sony Bravia bx35 model good?

Yes, the Sony Bravia BX35 model television is a good and reliable TV. This product is available for purchase in store and online.

Is there a digital tuner in Samsung TV model ln-s2351w - can the TV receive off-air digital signal currently?

There is a digital tuner in the Samsung model. It is also possible for the TV to receive off air digital signals.

Where can one purchase a Sony VTX D800U Freeview digital TV set top box?

The Sony VTX-D8000U Freeview Digital TV Set Top Box can be purchased online from Amazon and eBay. Used units can be purchased from Gum Tree and from sellers on the Digital Spy website.

What is KV-LX34M31?

KV-LX34M31 is a model # for a sony crt television.

Which is better sharp TV or sony TV?

Depends on the TV model and on what your needs for entertainment are

Which company manufactures Cybershot digital cameras?

Sony is the electronics company who manufactures Cybershot digital cameras. Sony also manufactures stereo systems, televisions, DVD players, as well as other electronic devices.

Where can you find an online manual for a Sony tv?

Sony's "eSupport" provides manual's to the televisions. You simply have to select your model of television that you need the manual for, and it will be provided to you.

How good a of a television is Bravia?

Sony Bravia is a very good television. Depends on the model of Sony Bravia television that you have in mind to purchase, you can get ratings on them on

Does JVC television model AV-27D302 have a digital turner?


Does the Hitachi model 43FDX01B color tv have a digital tuner?


Sony remote rm-y195 code for channel master digital tv converter cm7000?


What products are sold by Sony Entertainment?

Sony Corporation has a number of subdivisions including Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment. Some of the products sold under the Sony umbrella include televisions, digital cameras, smartphones, tablets and CD's.

I am planning to buy a LCD TV 26. I am considering Sony-KLV-26S400A and SAMSUNG-LA-26A450C1.The price of the sony model is 6000 more than the samsung model. Is it worth spending 6K more on sony?


Does a kv-36hs500 by Sony need a converter box?

Yes, this model will need a converter box to function after the digital conversion. I have the same television and called SONY to find out. The model has an analog tuner, therfore it requires a digital to analog converter box. This model is capable of high definition video quality because it has a picture resolution of 1080i. I am buying the Samsung DTB-H260F Digital Receiver for a converter box because it will provide the television with a high definition analog signal through the component video outputs. If you buy a lesser converter box it will only provide a 420i signal to the television even if an over the air high definition signal is available.

What is hvr a1u usually referring to?

The term HVRA1U is used in reference to a model of high dentition digital camcorder that is manufactured by the Sony company. This model is most often used by professional audio and video technicians, such as camera crews fro television stations.