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Is your tongue a tissue and organ or an organ system?


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It is an organ because tissues are made up of different kinds of cells

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The tongue is an organ because it is a muscle.

It is an organ. A tongue is an organ because a group of tissues makes up an organ. A tongue is more than a tissue, so it must be an organ. Each type of tissue in the tongue performs an essential task to help the tongue function properly.

Organ system: circulatoryOrgan: HeartTissue: Cardiovascular tissue

organelle, cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism cell,tissue,organ,organ system,organism

tissue- a group of like cells organ- like tissues organ system- organs with related function (cell-> tissue -> organ -> organ system)

The ear is not a tissue, or a system but is classified as an organ.

The tongue is a muscular organ that has a role in the nervous system as a sensory organ (taste), and as an accessory organ of the digestive system.

Cell > Tissue > Organ > Organ System > Organism

An organism is made of organ systems. An organ system is made of organs. An organ is made of tissue. Tissue is made of cells.

The tongue is an organ, because it's made of different type of tissues working together. The tissues include muscle, connective tissue, and epithelial tissue.

Tissue is just a group of cells, organ is a group of tissues, and organ system is a system with a lot of organs

no an organ system has more than one tissue

cells tissue organ organ system orgasim

Levels of organization in the body are as follows: cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism. Without the tissue, there would be no organ. So, yes.

(1) Organism - cell - tissue - organelle - organ system - organ(2) Organ system - organ - organism - cell - tissue - organelle (3) Organelle - organ system - cell - organism - tissue - organ (4) Organelle - cell - tissue - organ - organ system - organism is #4l

The organ system composed of tissue that can contract and relax is muscle tissue.

The tongue is considered an organ because a group of tissues work together, as an organ NOT TISSUE, the reason this occurs is because the tongues tasks are too complicated to be carried out by just one type of tissue.

Cell>tissue>organ>organ system.

A part of an organ system, the circulatory system.

in this organization: atoms cell tissue organ organ system organism the muscular system fits into the "organ system" category.

I think it goes Cell,Tissue , Organ, and then Organ System

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