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Isaac newton is arguably one of the most influential scientists in history. He discovered gravitational force, and he established the three Universal Laws of Motion, and proved the heliocentric model, as was first proposed by Copernicus. In the area of mathematics, he came up with the Binomial Theorem and was one of the creators of calculus.

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What were the contributions of Isaac Newton to the world?

The 3 Newtons Laws.. :*

What was Isaac newtons accomplishments?

what was isaac newtons accomplsihments.? what was isaac newtons accomplsihments.?

Why are the units for measuring called newtons?

They are named after Sir Isaac Newton, who did important contributions to physics.

What was isaac newtons major contributions to science?

Newton's major contributions to science is the law of gravity, the calculus, the laws of motion and the study of Light.

What was isaac newtons nationality?

isaac newtons nationality was english,iloveyou isaac newton!

What were isaac newtons contributions to science?

Isaac Newton's contributions to science include... -The discovery of spectrum -Rectilinear Propagation of Light -Equation for the velocity of sound -Laws of Motion -Universal Law of Gravitation -Development of calculus

Who was Isaac newtons sidekick?

hmM . . . isaac newtons sidekick is her son!!

What is the name of isaac newton's dog?

Isaac newtons dog was called Chumpo. Isaac newtons dog was called Chumpo. Isaac newtons dog was called Chumpo. Isaac newtons dog was called Chumpo.

Isaac newtons contribution to science?

Isaac Newtons contribution to science was the discovery of gravity.

What was isaac newtons contribution to the mathematics' world?

Contributions in algebra include binomial expansions, and the binomial theorem. He developed calculus.

When did Isaac Newtons step father die?

When did Isaac Newtons step father die?

Who invented Newtons?

Isaac Newton invented Newtons.

What was isaac newtons dads name?

Isaac Newton

Who was Isaac Newtons Grandparents?

These are the only two grandparents of Isaac Newtons which I know. Robert Newton and Mrs. Ayscough

Who proposed Isaac Newtons theories?

Isaac Newton itself.

Who was isaac newtons rival?


Did Isaac Newton invent Newtons?


Isaac Newtons discoveries?


Was Isaac Newtons childhood good?


Who were Isaac Newtons enemies?

He had no enemies.

What was Isaac Newtons dream?

He was awesome

What was isaac newtons hometown?


What does it say on sir Isaac Newtons tomb?

(Sir) Isaac Newton?

What was Isaac Newtons full name?

Isaac Newton was his full name

What are some main points about Isaac Newtons life?

Newton's Laws of Motion are some main points about Isaac Newtons life.